Recoat project OK’d for Peachtree City City Hall

A project to recoat the exterior of Peachtree City’s City Hall building was approved by the City Council at its April 7 meeting.

The exterior needs to be re-sealed every so often to prevent drainage problems like the one experienced several years back that required a significant modification to the interior of council chambers, officials said.

The lowest qualified bidder was Engineered Restoration, Inc.

The bids were broken down into two parts: the first is in case it is determined that an additional primer application is needed. The second, and lower, cost was in case the primer isn’t needed after all.

In the case of Engineered Restorations, the cost with primer was $54,476 and the cost without was $43,794.

That put the company under the next-lowest bidder by more than $11,000 on both bids.

Because the adjacent library building has an identical exterior it too needs re-sealing every few years, and so the question was asked if the city could cut a deal for doing both facilities at the same time.

However, doing so would only save the city on mobilization costs, so there isn’t much of a deal in combining the two projects, said Finance Director Paul Salvatore. The library project would also be more expensive since it has about twice as much surface area as City Hall, Salvatore said.

The city will be getting a 10-year warranty with this sealant, and the money will come from leftover funds from the 2009 Bricks and Mortar loan.

The project was put off from last year and is necessary, noted Mayor Don Haddix.

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