Fayette County arrest reports — March 26 – April 1

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the time period indicated. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. Rather than the age of those arrested, only the year of birth will be indicated below due to law enforcement procedural changes.

Tuesday, March 26 - Monday, April 1

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Christopher J. Stamey, born in 1978, of Beacon Drive, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Terrell R. Tripp, born in 1991, of Treilledge Lane, Peachtree City, for probation/parole violation.

Larry D. Young, Jr., born in 1967, of Pilgrim Way, Fayetteville, for brake lights/turn signals required.

Joshua D. Lyn Devoe, born in 1985, of Hampton Road, Lovejoy, for probation/parole violation.

Alejandro Estrada-Molina, born in 1952, of Fleetwood Drive, Fayetteville, for driving without valid license, improper backing and improper U-turn.

Janee L. Gaines, born in 1976, of Ashland Grove, Stockbridge, for revoked or suspended license and seatbelt violation.

Keith J. Gravelle, born in 19963, of Gilbert Road, Fayetteville, for obstruction and loitering or prowling.

Anthony E. Jones, born in 1974, of Chastain Garden Drive, Kennesaw, for revoked or suspended license, seatbelt violation and no proof of insurance.

Andrew M. McCallister, born in 1988, of Cobblestone Boulevard, Fayetteville, for revoked or suspended license and expired or no license plate.

Antonia M. Todd, born in 1986, of Galway Bend, Tyrone, for less than an ounce of marijuana and expired or no license plate.

Haley N. Butler, born in 1992, of Bells Ferry Road, Marietta, for DUI alcohol, striking fixed object and failure to maintain lane.

Joewarzer D. Christopher, born in 1988, of Knotty Pine Place, Hampton, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Allen C. Glover, born in 1978, of Fairview Road, Brooks, for probation/parole violation.

Sidney Jones, born in 1965, of Beecher Road, Atlanta, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

William J. Lewis, born in 1986, of Georgetown Lane, Jonesboro, for revoked or suspended license.

Nicholas A. Mayne, born in 1991, of Fairwood Avenue, Marion, Ohio, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Amariah R. Thome, born in 19992, of Wilson Avenue, Marion, Ohio, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Christopher J. Bogovich, born in 1992, of Monmouth Drive, Fayetteville, for reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, too fast for conditions, furn/pos/cons alcohol by minor, DUI alcohol under 21 and serious injury/vehicle.

Branden J. Burks, born in 1994, of Braemar Road, Fayetteville, for simple battery.

Anthony A. Butler, born in 1961, of Yale Trace, Decatur, for bench warrant.

Robert S. Carroll, born in 19973, of Atwater Road, Thomaston, for obedience to traffic control device and DUI alcohol.

Christopher J. Davenport, born in 1990, of Bascom Court, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Donna L. Hernandez, born in 1964, of Redmill Saragossa Road, Jasper, Ala., for driving without a valid license.

Heidi Hogue, born in 1985, of Gilbert Road, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol, speeding and failure to maintain lane.

Andre L. Jenkins, born in 1972, of Brookview Court, Fayetteville, for simple battery.

Morgan C. Norman, born in 1981, of Holcomb Court, Fayetteville, for endangering security interest.

Reginald D. Pass, born in 1976, of Hosea L. Williams Drive, Atlanta, for probation/parole violation.

Michael J. Ronan, born in 1957, of McIntosh Estates Court, Sharpsburg, for bench warrant.

Victor M. Vidal-Castilla, born in 1993, of Buchann Street, Atlanta, for driving without valid license.

Carlos F. Villanueva-Hildago, born in 1986, of Bridgewater Lane, Newnan, for probation/parole violation.

Elle T. Wallace, born in 1990, of Windy Hill Road, Smyrna, for wanted person.

Warren J. Williams, born in 1981, of Musket Ridge Circle, Jonesboro, for probation/parole violation.

Fayetteville Police

Dwight D. Lawrence, Jr., born in 1989, of Putnam Road, Courtland, Ky., for driving without valid license and seatbelt violation.

Demetrius J. Williams, born in 1975, of Oconee Street, Manchester, for passing stopped school bus and expired or no license plate.

Miguel A. Balderas, born in 1985, of Highland Hills Road, Fayetteville, for city ordinance violation.

Zach A. Quinn, born in 1990, of Hill Chase Court, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Donald H. Hembree, born in 1977, of Pleasant Valley Road, Silver Creek, for pedestrian soliciting ride.

Breanna N. Slaughter, born in 1995, of Sneville Lane, East Point, for reckless driving and city ordinance violation.

Peachtree City Police

Zachary C. Garrison, born in 1986, of Fairview Road, Calhoun, for bench warrant.

Shevan J. Mitchell, born in 1982, of Creekbend Overlook, Douglasville, for bench warrant.

Leslie A. Bledsoe, born in 1995, of Shade Murphy Road, Moultrie, for shoplifting.

Chatra Fortunato, born in 1992, of Sweetgum Road, Peachtree City, for revoked or suspended license and defective or no headlights.

Joseph L. Harlan, III, born in 1992, of Wedgewood Walk, Griffin, for false statements and writings.

Rachel E. Brewer, born in 1989, of Gary Summers Road, Senoia, for failure to maintain lane and DUI alcohol.

Magdalena A. Garcia-Davila, born in 1968, of Bascom Court, Fayetteville, for failure to obtain Ga. license and improper right turn.

Aldimer Garcia-Jaramillo, born in 1993, of Bidney Drive, Senoia, for driving without valid license.

Ryan H. Governale, born in 1994, of Tadmarton Court, Peachtree City, for speeding and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Ryan C. Teigue, born in 1992, of Glazier Farms Drive, Senoia, for revoked or suspended license, expired or no license plate and littering highway.

Joshua A. Vanhorn, born in 1989, of Mocking Trail, Peachtree City, for DUI alcohol and city ordinance violation.

Selvin E. Vasquez, born in 1987, of Briarwood Court, Peachtree City, for less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to maintain lane.

Tyrone Police

Eric T. Layson, born in 1979, of Dove Street, Palmetto, for driving through median or gore, DUI alcohol and failure to maintain lane.

Arnall R. Thomas, born in 1943, of Cedar Grove Road, Fairburn, for speeding and revoked or suspended license.

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