Hope you like yellow — Metro pollen count sky-high today

If you saw a thicker-than-usual amount of yellow-green dust on your car this morning, your watering eyes weren’t deceiving you. Around midday, clouds of yellowish pine pollen swirled around the area near McIntosh High School on Walt Banks Road near Ga. Highway 54.

The metro Atlanta pollen count is way up today, according to the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic, which measures the pollen count.

The pollen count for Tuesday was listed at 2,967. That’s well out of the clinic’s range of “high” being 61-120 and anything over above 120 classified as “extremely high.”

The pollen count number represents the amount of pollen particles measured in a cubic meter of air within the last 24 hours. The major pollens present in Tuesday’s count were birch, maple, oak, sweetgum and willow trees, according to the clinic. Those pollen grains generally are too small to see.

Pine pollen, on the other hand, features much larger grains than the other tree pollens, and generally doesn't contribute to allergies and respiratory distress. The yellow coating on everything just looks bad — at least until after a good rain.

Peachtree City, which has a rich history of protecting trees, may be paying the price moreso than others in the metro Atlanta area.

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