PTC girl’s Fla. drowning a ‘tragic accident’

Wheelchair-bound victim found in grandparents’ backyard pool

A Peachtree City girl died Saturday after she and her wheelchair were found submerged in the pool at her grandparents’ home in Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., officials said.

Alexis Holly Butler, 10, was found in the pool by her 13-year-old sister shortly after 2 p.m.,

said Ft. Walton Beach Public Information Officer Cam Johnson. Butler’s father tried to resuscitate her until EMS crews arrived on the scene at the home on Robinwood Drive.

Butler was confined to the wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, officials said.

The drowning appears to be a “tragic accident” as there is no evidence indicating foul play is involved, Johnson said.

Ft. Walton police will complete an investigation into Butler’s death including a toxicology testing, officials said.

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Condolences to the family of Alexis!

I am so sorry to hear of this little girl's tragic death. My 4th grade daughter goes to her school and has so many sweet things to say about her- How can we send condolences to the family?

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Services for Alexis?

If anyone knows the details for funeral services, please post here. Our son is in her class and he will be crushed. She was such a sweet girl and simply lit up his day.

Thank you,

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The Funeral will be in pensacola flordia on thursday the 8th at 4:30 pm
Your Welcome