She runs afoul of Fayette’s 3-pet limit, must divest dogs

South Fayette County resident Nana Cachikawa is looking for a good home for one of these two dogs. Along with two other dogs in the household, one of these cute critters must be adopted to keep Cachikawa compliant with a county ordinance that calls for a maximum of three pets on lots other than larger tract residential or farm land. Photo/Ben Nelms.

A south Fayette County woman is looking for a good home for one of the two dogs that have put her over the limit when it comes to the number of pets allowed on small residential lots. Now in violation of a Fayette County ordinance that calls for a maximum of three pets, Nana Cachikawa has five dogs and needs to find a home for one of the two she can bear to part with.

Cachikawa said she and her husband moved from a much larger lot to their current home last June. But the current residence, totaling two acres, puts her in violation of the county ordinance that limits the number of pets on lots that size to three. She had seven dogs at the residence on Ga. Highway 92 South, but a neighbor reported the excess number of animals to the county, Cachikawa said.

Cachikawa said she attended a meeting of the Fayette County Commission in January to ask for an exception to the ordinance. And while that exception was not forthcoming, Cachikawa said commissioners said they would help put out the word to try to help with the adoption of the additional dogs.

Though she was successful in getting three of the seven dogs adopted, Cachikawa said she still has one that needs a home so that she can be in compliance with the ordinance.

Cachikawa said she is willing for one of the two dogs available to be adopted, adding that she wants to keep the other along with her two remaining German shepherds. Though one is large and the other small, both dogs are 7 to 8 years old and are mixed breed.

While Cachikawa originally found the two dogs through the animal control, she said the adoption process is through the Ga. Heartland Humane Society. The cost of adoption is $175. She said Ga. Heartland has an adoption event every Saturday at the PetsMart in Newnan.

Anyone interested in adopting one of these two critters is asked to contact Nana Cachikawa at 678-634-2262 for more specific information on the two dogs or contact Leslie at Ga. Heartland at 770-328-3661.

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Three pet limit?

How about a household three person limit?

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