Housekeeping items on PTC agenda — your housekeeping

Covered containers would be required for garbage; sprinklers for new homes again up for vote

The Peachtree City Council will consider lowering

the maximum grass height requirement from 12 to eight inches while also requiring the use of covered containers “to the greatest extent practicable” for all garbage, garden trash, rubbish and debris awaiting disposal.

The ordinance would allow the use of paper bags or similar devices for storing yard debris. Staff said the change is intended to discourage rodents from entering trash containers and discourage breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects.

Another change would eliminate a 48-hour requirement for violations to be remedied by the owner or occupant in the case of lawn height or trash/rubbish/debris violations. Instead, the time frame will be specified on a case-by-case basis.

Council also will consider a staff recommendation to require automatic fire sprinklers for all new single-family homes.

The ordinance change would also require that existing homes be retrofitted with fire sprinklers if they are used as a day care, health care, lodging or rooming house, any daycare type facility for children and/or adults, assisted care homes and residential boarding and care homes.

Thursday’s meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall, Ga. Highway 54 and Willowbend Road.

John Gault
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Member Requirement

All city council members should be required to present a member of 12" or more to be able to retain their seats on the council. Is this what we pay taxes for. And they would be required to show proof before each city council meeting.

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From the Mayor & 12"

"Grass 12" tall can hide a lot of issues, including pests." I'm going to refrain from continuing.
Seriously, # houses in PTC x $3000.00 = some serious money. The Teabaggers ought to be out in force on this one. "You can't make me sprinkle my trailer. I have a constitutional right to smoke in bed & burn myself up. I don't have to wear my seatbelt in my truck that you make me insure."

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I've never been asked about any rules!

Of course parking on ones grass always, in front of the house, and having a junk pile in sight from the road, flagpoles, campers in front, etc., should be banned-----and enforced---which they are not 95% of the time.

But such things as poor paint jobs and grass height have reasons!
Talk to them about that, but help not hinder.

Such stuff as this requires constant improvement. Do you know who could vote for maybe 100 years after 1776?

No women.
Only white men.
Only property owners.
Certain religions.
Pay taxes.
No illiterates, especially Irish/Catholics.
No former slaves.
No Indians.
If a white man was illiterate he could use the previous law allowing him to vote.

I am beginning to see such stupidity again on many subjects.

Robert W. Morgan
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Nanny state alert

I think there are 2 things that may be hidden in here:
1. No compost piles

2. If you get old and need a health care professional or a care giver to come into your home OR if you look after a neighbor's kid after school, you will need to retrofit your house with an automatic sprinkler system (about $3,000 and a lot of disruption).

Oh no, they would never do that you say? Yes they will. Need something for the newly outsourced building department to do - the vendor is probably going to have a minimum monthly fee in the contract and they need some activity to justify the expense. I think they realize new building is over with and the tasks need to switch to code enforcement.

The grass height and the compost piles are not real issues, but the sprinkler systems are just the beginning of government getting the camel's nose into our tent. If you don't belive that they will try to be intrusive into senior care or kid's day care - ask them to specifically exclude these things and see what they say - more importantly, see what they do.

Don Haddix
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Haddix: Nanny State

On the grass the number of complaints of overgrown lawns by neighbors have been increasing every year. Grass 12" tall can hide a lot of issues, including pests. Such is a Code Enforcement issue.

On the sprinklers this will be the third shot by the Fire Department to get it in. The other two times the retrofitting on homes and on new single family homes was voted down 5-0 because of the costs to the homeowner.

It is on the Agenda because it was brought up at Retreat and the three new Council Members saw no harm in looking at it again. They simply are not yet aware of all the facts involved in this issue.

Sturbaum and I didn't even want to see it again having voted no two times already.

No, we are not looking for work for the outsourced building inspections. The contract is performance based.

As well changes are in work on the undeveloped lands for grass and those type issues. Areas like Lexington, in example, need cleaned up and restored when developers abandon a project.

No hidden motives. We just want to clean up areas that need cleaned up and have the right safety requirements in place. The job of Fire is prevent and put fires out as fast as possible while Council's job is also that but to as well consider the cost and burden on the citizens and not unduly intrude on personal rights.

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On the Grass Height, I have to ask!

Does this also pertain to city owned property? Last year I called in twice to report grass along cart paths that was well above 16". So who's going to fine the city if their grass goes over the 8' mark? Don't get me wrong I think this is a good idea but remember, if its good for the tax payer, its good enough for the tax collector!

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Grass Height vs Weed Height

I think the ordinance tightening should include wording that specifies anything growing above 8". Many homes that are not mowed have just about all weeds, not grass.

Robert W. Morgan
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Joined: 10/26/2005
Good on grass; good on sprinklers

Glad everyone is about to understand the cost/benefit formula for sprinklers in single family homes. Mr. Imker seems to be a reliable third vote for putting this away once and for all.

The grass cutting of areas ignored by developers and the new growth market - bank-owned single family homes - is a good idea. Certainly in keeping with my thoughts on maintaining value through services and amenities. If the city performs grass cutting for someone unwilling or unable to do for themselves, it helps everyone involved - the city, the neighbors, the new owner of the property. You must figure out a way to backcharge these people or somehow put a lien on the property so the city eventually gets repaid for the effort. I think 1 warning, a second citation with fines and a court order for the city to cut the grass. With banks owning property, 2 or 3 hits at $100 a piece plus the cost of mowing will encourage them in the right direction. Some cities actually go after the realtor who is trying to sell the property. This idea seems a little unfair, but at least you are dealing with a local person who can be forced to appear in court and logically a good realtor can find a grass cutter and get reimbursed by the bank for any money expended.

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Tourisum Board

Any discusion on Retreat or Workshop of doing away w/ this? If I read their financials right.. 3 people are managing $500k before they pay the director a $100k salary & then 2 more & benefits & rent & expenses, etc. If it is a matter of the board voting to dissolve itself... start looking for the new members now as terms expire.
I bet many people would & could do this job from their home for $50k.

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All this grass talk

Might I suggest what I thought was an excellent idea a few years back about Kudzu?
There is a whole field of goats on 74 North.
A goat herder couldn't cost much. He would need a shack on wheels to sleep in.
He could stake out the goats where needed and excess grass and kudzu would disappear.
One of our former Mayors suggested this and he was laughed at.
Now these would not be government goats. We would lease them and only demand 10% of the ones ready to eat each year for our freezers.

The KIDS from these goats would go to market in Southern Gwinnett County. and the owner and the town would split the revenue.

The goat herder would need a couple of severe weather shelters for small goats. Portable shelters are available to lease.

I think it would bring in tourists!

PTC Observer
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Mr. Haddix

I would suggest that if we continue to have "retreats" that deliver ideas like these, perhaps we should limit the number of retreats to Zero. It would save us time and money.

Where are the cost savings ideas?
Where are the revenue generation ideas?
Where are the ideas to improve the business environment within PTC?

Maybe you folks came up with some, but based on what I read here it looks like grass height and sprinklers that aren't needed are all that came out of this exercise.

Don Haddix
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Joined: 08/17/2007
Haddix: Retreats

The main purpose of the Retreat is get a complete overview of where PTC is as a whole and by dept. It is not to resolve all the issues at one sitting.

What came out of the Retreat will go into the Workshops and hearings in June and July where we iron out the details and decide on the 2011 Budget and Millage Rate. As well into the goals and direction of PTC as a day to day operation.

You cannot depend on what is reported in print to cover all that was said and done in over 15 hours of open meetings along with hundreds of hours preparation efforts by Staff and Council just to put together the materials for open hearings.

DAPC alone, in example, had to trim pages of materials and consolidate lists of goals into a summary form for the meeting.

It isn't a waste of time and money.

To get a better picture of what is going on in total you really need to attend Workshops, Authority, Commission and Committee Meetings. As well as the Town Hall we will be holding in June.

In all fairness to newspapers, they don't have room to print all said and covered.

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