Fayette County arrest reports — March 12 – 18

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the period indicated. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. Rather than the age of those arrested, only the year of birth will be indicated below due to law enforcement procedural changes.

Tuesday, March 12 - Monday, March 18

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Jaleesa P. Blackmon, born in 1988, of Garden Court, Fayetteville, for wanted person.

Jimmie L. Brown, born in 1969, of Crossing Boulevard, McDonough, for revoked or suspended license and no insurance.

Christina L. Cran, born in 1985, of Burnside Drive, Jonesboro, for probation/parole violation.

Karlye I. Gaskins, born in 1982, of Highway 362, Gay, for bench warrant.

Roger E. Hartwell, born in 1961, of Greenview Circle, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Mang N. Heng, born in 1992, of Heather Lane, College Park, for seatbelt violation and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Chaz C. Howard, born in 1988, of Walden Brook Drive, Lithonia, for probation/parole violation.

Ricky N. Jackson, born in 1963, of Carter Street, Greenville, for probation/parole violation.

Tiffany Lo, born in 1993, of Heather Lane, College Park, for drug-related objects and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Keri M. McMichen, born in 1979, of Shadowood Lane, Peachtree City, for drug possession/sale (4) and crossing guard-line with contraband.

Antoine D.B. Sterling, born in 1993, of Foxtail Court, Fayetteville, for revoked or suspended license.

Christopher J. Wilbur, born in 1983, of Wounded Knee Circle, Peachtree City, for bench warrant and probation/parole violation.

Omar J. Betanzo-Gomez, born in 1990, of Hilo Road, Fayetteville, for driving without valid license.

Jose D. Duque, born in 1940, of Greenridge Way, Newnan, for driving without valid license.

Glenn N. Foster, born in 1990, of Pleasant Hill Road, College Park, for revoked or suspended license.

Larry Hood, born in 1953, of Mill Court, Senoia, for bench warrant.

John F. Jenkins, born in 19965, of Washington Road, East Point, for wanted person.

Steven V. McClardy, born in 1971, of Bobolink Circle, Atlanta, for financial identity fraud.

Harry E. Parris, born in 1944, of Jefferson Avenue, Fayetteville, for electronic porn and child exploitation and violation of oath of office.

Marinna H. Perez, born in 1967, of Ridge Drive, Senoia, for less than an ounce of marijuana and brake light/turn signal violation.

Tony M. Hill, born in 1983, of Ward Bluff Court, Ellenwood, for wanted person.

John F. Jenkins, born in 1965, of Skipper Place, Atlanta, for wanted person.

Timothy Beall, born in 1986, of Green Street, Fairburn, for bench warrant.

Brian D. Bolton, born in 1986, of Morris Road, Atlanta, for bench warrant.

Thandiwe Clinton, born in 1978, of Town Crossing, Kennesaw, for bench warrant.

Justin K. Hampton, born in 1989, of Forest Drive, Fayetteville, for bench warrant.

John M. Jackson, born in 1989, of Vincent Place, Atlanta, for contempt of Superior Court.

Kyle D. Johnson, born in 1989, of Lakeside Way, Newnan, for wanted person.

Larry D. Jones, born in 1955, of Leisure Lane, College Park, bench warrant.

Maurice M. Lavander, born in 1965, of East Avenue, Scottsdale, for bench warrant.

Caleb L. Ledbetter, born in 1991, of Ga. Highway 85 Connector, for bench warrant.

Tammy L. Loomis, born in 1967, of Ga. Highway 16, Newnan, for contempt of Superior Court.

Corey D. Victor, born in 1981, of Plantation Circle, Fayetteville, for terroristic threats and acts, battery and cruelty to children.

Brian D. Whitfield, born in 1991, of Tranquil Lane, Newnan, for probation/parole violation.

Fayetteville Police

Lupe Martines, born in 1981, of Tara Glynn Drive, Hampton, for wanted person.

Carlos F. Villanueva-Hidalgo, born in 1986, of Oak Street, Fayetteville, for revoked or suspended license and speeding.

Ricky L. Howard, Jr., born in 19984, of Franklin Farms Circle, Fayetteville, for shoplifting.

Justin E. Nelson, born in 1976, of Wintercrest Way, Atlanta, for bench warrant.

Stephen C. Bowers, born in 1962, of Ebenezer Church Road, Fayetteville, for bench warrant.

Aaron L. Brown, Jr., born in 1988, of Ga. Highway 138, Union City, for probation/parole violation.

Joseph D. Chaitkin, born in 1947, of Williamsburg Way, Fayetteville, for bench warrant.

Eduardo F. Mendoza, born in 1974, of Maple Drive, Riverdale, for no driver’s license.

William C. Pitts, born in 1986, of Park Place Court, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Jarrett W. Dixson, born in 1980, of Quail Cove, Fayetteville, for wanted person.

Peachtree City Police

Ashley N. Hoyt, born in 1987, of East Haynes Street, Newnan, for theft of services.

Jessica Baez, born in 1985, of Ridgefield Drive, Peachtree City, for simple battery.

Ernest J. Mosby, born in 1985, of Stevens Entry, Peachtree City, for expired or no license plate or tag and state drug law violation.

Trinidad Pereda, born in 1971, of Dogwood Trail, Jonesboro, for no driver’s license.

Cameron S. Atterberry, born in 1989, of Dominion Court, Hampton, for wanted person.

Tyrone Police

Justin L. Frank, born in 1983, of Englewood Trail, Riverdale, for revoked or suspended license and defective or no tail light.

Jose G. Bautista-Morales, born in 1969, of Everglades Court, Acworth, for failure to maintain lane and driving without valid license.

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Give me a crime report. What use is an arrest report?

Remember innocent until proven guilty?
The people on this list must live with the fact that anyone Googling their name sees the charges and passes judgment, even if the individual is proven innocent.
What purpose does the arrest report serve?
Print what houses/ businesses were broken into ect.
Print a conviction report along with the sentence. This might make people think twice before breaking the law.
These two things are good information, so people can be vigilant knowing crime is happening in their neighborhood.
STOP VICTIMIZING THE INNOCENT by printing their names along with charges BEFORE a conviction.

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Has crime reports. But we covered this before,. :)

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Spyglass - Please

provide a link to these reports.

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