Fayette’s road ‘wish list’ compiled, subject to regional sales tax OK

The wish list of future regional transportation projects for Fayette County has been vetted by local government officials and is about to be sent to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The list represents the county’s request for regional funding through a proposed region-wide 1 percent sales tax that will be voted on in June 2012.

Among the large-scale road projects are the East Fayetteville Bypass, the widening of Ga. Highway 54 east of Fayetteville into Clayton County, and improvements to Tyrone/Palmetto Road.

Conspicuous from its absence is the third and final phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass, which has not yet been funded by the county commission. This is in large part because that project is so controversial that officials fear its presence on the list would lead to votes against the tax.

Peachtree City’s top projects on the list are the extension of MacDuff Parkway to Ga. Highway 74 North and also the “gateway” cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 West that would link a path along MacDuff Parkway with the Shoppes at the Village Piazza shopping center on the south side of the highway.

The MacDuff Parkway extension is viewed as a key to reducing traffic at the intersection of Hwys. 54 and 74.

On the list of projects is the already-funded work to combine the intersections of Ga. Highway 92 and Hood Avenue where they meet Hwy. 54. If the project were funded regionally, it would save about $8 million from the county’s transportation SPLOST, which is currently tabbed to foot the bill.

Another project would build a new road from the western portion of Hwy. 54 in Fayetteville to link with First Manassas Mile near the county landfill, providing a shorter route for the multiple tractor trailers that use the area.

All these projects were given the final once-over last week at a meeting of the Association of Fayette County Governments, which is a conglomerate group consisting of each local government elected official from each Fayette city and town along with the county commissioners.

The list has been amended and changed, tweaked and prodded over the past several weeks. At the AFCG meeting for example, the town of Woolsey asked for a project to be eliminated that would have realigned Hampton Road at Ga. Highway 92 South and perhaps extended Hampton Road further to the east.

It was explained that the extension would have resulted in some residents losing their homes, and so at Woolsey’s request the project was removed from the list.

County Commissioner Steve Brown expressed concern about the widening of Hwy. 54 east of Fayetteville, based on his fear that the project would become part of a “outer loop” project to circumnavigate the Atlanta area outside of I-285.

Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele said the highway widening is part of an effort to create a four-lane highway between Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Sharpsburg and Newnan.

“That’s what it is, a four-lane highway,” Steele said. “That’s all it is.”

The list also includes “strong support” for improvements to the interchange of Interstate 85 and Hwy. 74 in Fairburn.

The list, along with those from the other nine counties in the region, will be transmitted to the Georgia Department of Transportation. DOT in turn will whittle the project list down somewhat before the projects are pitched to the five-member executive committee of the Regional Transportation Roundtable.

Although the executive committee will further distill the projects to a recommended list, the full 21-member roundtable will have the final say on which projects are on and off the list, based on the first draft of the list compiled by GDOT.

Fayette County has two members on the roundtable: Fayetteville Mayor Steele and County Commission Chairman Herb Frady. Neither sits on the five-member executive committee.

The regional transportation sales tax initiative has been criticized in large part because Fayette nor any of the other nine metro Atlanta counties can opt out. Instead, if the vote is approved region-wide by an aggregate of voters, it will be implemented over a 10-year time frame.

That means even if Fayette votes the tax down, if it passes region-wide it will be implemented here as well as in the other nine counties which includes Fulton, DeKalb, Douglas, Rockdale, Gwinnett, Cobb, Fulton and Henry counties.

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News from AJC today

I can see the future of Fayette if and when mass transit ever gets shoved down our throats. This should give everyone the chills.




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I hear about these types of attacks in 3rd world countries. It fact, I'm very cautious when I'm traveling in some of those places and will not take "public" transportation. Sad to see it here.

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Moe - Attack By Horde Of Teens!

Moe, thanks so much for sending this along!

When my Dad was Traffic Engineer for MARTA, he would come home and tell us how one and another bus driver was robbed at night when there weren't any passengers on the buses.

In the last month I read where someone entered a loaded MARTA bus and robbed all the passengers.

Now, we are dealing with a "HORDE."


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Wish List

The county could add a 100 or a 1000 to list but if the region doesn't aprrove it not 1 will git did. It's not a numbers question but I guess a need or political decision. What everyone should be upset about is that the Repug legislature along w/ the Repug Gov Sunny did not want to make hard decisions and came up w/ this jumbled mess. Not paying alot of attention to this but where does the gas tax money come in? Gawd forbide the gas tax is raised. The Repugs want to hide the dirty word tax behind T-SPLOSH & fees.

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I suppose for us to get any gas tax we have to join a region.

The state wants fewer entities to distribute the gas tax to, so they are insisting on regional organizations.

That's why our county commission wants us in the ARC. Because they will get the lions hare of state funds from here on out.

The trouble is that Fayette will not have enough clout or representation in that region to make this effort profitable to our communities. If we are in it then we need to be kicking and screaming for improvements the whole time.

The rule of government money is to ALWAYS ask for more than you need in the hopes of getting some of what you want. It's been that way since day one and will continue long after you and I am gone.

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You morons

You morons are busy playing "he said, She said" and tossing stones at each other while the real issues go unnoticed.

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Look in the mirror, BHH

You're calling everyone "morons" who "toss stones at each other." Pot meet Kettle.

Just because you are the only one posting comments under this ONE subject hardly means it is going unnoticed and that there aren't about 100 subjects in the last couple of months discussing over and over the same exact issues of ARC, RTR, and road projects.

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Just rattling cages, not tossing stones.

I think this is a priority topic that deserves more comment.

That's all.

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Short end of the stick for road improvements

From what I see on the ARC site our wish list is very short compared to other counties in the region.

So it seems to me that we need to add at least a dozen more wishes to our list. JUST IN CASE WE GET STUCK PAYING THIS TAX.

With this short list we are already on the short end of the stick.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Inman Rd at 92 needs to line up with Goza Rd.

2. Dogwood at 74 needs realigning.

3. Banks Rd at 54 should align with McElroy Rd.

4. 314 should be 4 lane to the county line near 138.

5. 279 should be 4 lane also.

6. 92 should be 4 lane from one end of the county to the other.

7. 85 Connector should align with 74.

8. A rapid rail to the airport would give us access to everything in the region we might want.

9. 4 lane 85 south to out of county.

10. An alternate RR crossing into (and out of) Shamrock Industrial area in Tyrone is desperately needed.

These are just a few that I know of.

We are talking about over the next 30 years aren't we?

Where is the planning here?

This IS a wish list.

Why hold back?

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I'm surprised that there are no other comments on this yet.

I'm all for the widening of Hwy 54 east of Fayetteville. Frankly it's long over due and the state will fund it one way or another.

I still think the East Fayette Bypass is a very good planned improvement to the area, however it needs to line up with Hwy 279 at Hwy 85 as originally proposed.

Improvements to the Hwy 74 and I85 interchange are going to happen whether we support it or not.

Tyrone/Palmetto Rd certainly needs the improvements that have been in the planning for a long time.

Anything that might improve the situation at Hwy 54 and 74 is worth while.

I feel that cart path improvements and bridges for them are out of place here although I am all for cart paths throughout the county.

To sum it up I would say that these are mostly improvements to state highways which are already quite well funded and the other items listed we would do well to manage on our own and avoid the pitfalls of the pressures of a regional commission that mainly caters to the needs of other counties and cities.

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