Look at ‘discretionary’ funds for culvert fixes

Commissioners: During consideration of how culvert replacement should be (could be) completed, I checked on the recent budget for the Road Department.

It appears that over $4 million is in that yearly budget.

I also looked at the proposed spending that had been listed in the TIA 2010 for Fayette County to get some idea of what other road work was being considered.

Even though the vote on the regional tax was defeated, there was a list of “Discretionary” funding of $45.6 million (10-year list) proposed along with another $39 million for the East Fayetteville Bypass.

I know that there would be federal dollars in the East Bypass, but there would still be a lot of our tax dollars as well.

If we are looking at 10 years, that means $40-plus million from our general fund for continued road work, $46 million for discretionary and $39 million for the bypass.

Somewhere in these huge numbers there must be money to fix culverts.

The list of “discretionary” projects probably include some Fayetteville and Peachtree City work, but under our current circumstances, we should be looking at our priorities.

Not a new idea, but evidently not a concept that has been much in use by past commissioners.

The reason I mention this is that there is a strong possibility of the Road Department taking on (rightfully in my opinion) culvert work rather than the Stormwater Utility.

If we did an in-depth review of road department “normal” projects along with whatever was is in that discretionary list plus the culvert work that is really needed, I think we would have a much better grasp of county construction work.

That may mean we don’t pave some gravel roads, especially like the recent work that had everyone’s attention. Such a review (re-analysis), including the East Bypass, may provide us with funds to repair or replace culverts that rank high enough.

If we do the above evaluation(s), then we can refocus the Stormwater Utility effort toward those areas they should really be managing/reviewing.

Dennis Chase

Fayette County, Ga.

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Dennis Chase & Repairs

Dennis, Stormwater Infrastructure Repair has been a responsibility of theRoad Dept for some time. Go to the County web site, Public works/Road Dept and there you will find that task identified. Seems as if prioritization has been missing for several yrs--but I bet they spent last yr's multimillion dollar budget!

S. Lindsey
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Dennis correct..

...if we get rid of the new Stormwater Dept I bet that's an additional $300,000 per year right there.

You are of course correct in these massive budgets there is funding to fix culverts.. We have a spending problem.. Do we really need every single project? It is called triage.. they need to practice some..