Former Tyrone cop arrested for child molestation

Former Tyrone cop arrested for child molestation

Former Tyrone police officer Matthew New was arrested March 11 by investigators with the Fayetteville Police Department on 41 charges involving children, including child molestation and aggravated sexual battery. New resigned his position in Tyrone in late February while under investigation for unrelated policy violations.

The 38-year-old Fayetteville resident was arrested on the basis of an investigation by Fayetteville police that began Feb. 2, said Chief Steve Heaton. The former Tyrone officer was initially arrested on two charges of child molestation, Heaton said.

Information stemming from the investigation resulted in 39 additional charges, said Heaton. Of those, New has been charged with one count of aggravated sexual battery, one count of sexual battery, two counts of enticing a child for indecent purposes and 35 counts of child pornography, according to jail records.

Heaton said more than one child was victimized. The children were under age 16 at the time of the incidents, he said, and one of the children was a family member.
The allegation of molestation filed by a member of New’s family occurred in November 2007, said Heaton.

During the investigation, several pieces of New’s computer were taken for examination, Heaton said, adding that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted a forensic examination of New’s computer that revealed evidence of the crime, he said. In addition to that evidence, Heaton said other evidence of other crimes were also located that led to the additional charges.

Heaton said other charges could be forthcoming if the investigation by the GBI reveals additional evidence.

Tyrone Police Chief Brandon Perkins said Officer New was placed on administrative leave from the Tyrone Police Department immediately upon the agency being notified of the investigation by Fayetteville police on Feb. 2.

New later resigned from the Tyrone Police Department on Feb. 24 while under an internal investigation of unrelated policy violations pertaining to issues such as potentially falsifying time sheets, Perkins said, adding that New resigned prior to the conclusion of the investigation.

New began his employment with the Tyrone Police Department on Jan. 22, 2001, according to Perkins.

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Tonya Craft has been

Tonya Craft has been acquitted on trial for 22 counts of child molestation . Tonya Craft has spent the past 2 years not being allowed to see her children when fighting for her liberty after being charged of sexually assaulting 3 kids in her home. The situation was one for the books. The Judge presiding over the case has been said to have conspired with the prosecuting lawyers to make certain a conviction that would have imprisoned her for the rest of her natural life. It became clear during trial procedures that she was not being offered the rights to a fair trial regardless of her guilt or innocence; this may are exactly what caused the verdict of innocent, backfiring within the Judge's face.

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I hope this guy gets

I hope this guy gets EVERYTHING he deserves! I hope the police department will reconsider everything he said against fellow officers! Of course I guess its too late for the officers that had been let go!

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Tyrone Cop

What an embarrassment to the Tyrone Police Department. It's just a damn shame.

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Piller of the Community, Not!

Didn't this guy get a few fellow officers fired, gotta wonder about his testimony or reasons. If convicted a nice long prison sentence will be in order.

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Nothing worse than a bad cop

Wouldnt it be fun to tie him to a tree and take turns with tazers

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Prisoners will make it extra rough

throw in a convicted police officer and a child molester. That person is goign to be in protective custody his whole time--of course the typical blah blah of innocent until proven guilty, etc.

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wedge : Judge and Jury

Yes, innocent until court proven guilty.
Bush is innocent of ignorance!

Never have I seen so many people who want prisoners raped in jail! I think they just want to see it.

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Aren't you the one who commented on how they should get over the judges sexual indiscretions as well. Are you a sexual deviant??

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Bonkers, leaning tower of intellect

Bonkers, I was merely stating the obvious of prison life, one that you may have partaken in the 60's, there reprobate.
a convicted cop and child molester are the lowest of the low that is prison denizens.
Note that I said "convicted". I was also acknowledging that dense eggs like yourself would continue the mantra of innocent until proven guilty. Once again, I said "convicted" get your head out of your 4th point of contact and join the rest of us.

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4th point of contact


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Tyrone child molester

Turns my stomach. All I can say is it's a shame that these sick bast**ds usually only get 3-4 years in prison. I'd say our system fails our children miserably. The only thing sicker than child pornography is knowing that there are millions of subscribers to this trash.

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Tyrone child molester

I do not know why this story has not gotten more attention. I quess
their pristine image has to be protected, especially since they are always
handing out traffic ticket on that small stretch of Highway 74 so the City
of Tyrone can have some income.

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Pedophiles are everywhere.

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