2 F’ville teens busted Thursday for multiple thefts from Planterra Ridge vehicles

Peachtree City police are expecting to file more charges against two Fayetteville teenagers now in the Fayette County Jail for felony theft, according to Public Information Officer Captain Rosanna Dove.

“George Kshawn Hampton, IV (a 17-year-old African-American male from Princeton Chase, Fayetteville, GA) and Abdiel Henriquez-Sanchez (an 18-year-old Hispanic male from West Lane, Fayetteville, GA) were arrested at Henriquez-Sanchez’s residence during the evening hours of March 10,” Dove said in a press release Friday morning.

The two are accused “in connection with the numerous thefts from unlocked vehicles that occurred in the Planterra Ridge subdivision between March 6 and March 7, 2011,” Dove said.

Here’s what led to the arrests:

“On March 10, 2011, an investigator with the Peachtree City Police Department responded to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office after receiving information that an item linked to these crimes had been turned in to their office. After confirming that the item found did belong to a victim in Peachtree City, investigators from both agencies were able to locate the two offenders who are responsible for the crimes.

The two are currently charged with one count of entering auto, a felony, Dove said.

“While the investigator has identified at least one item stolen in Peachtree City, not all items have been identified or recovered. This investigation is currently ongoing and as more property is recovered, victims will be notified,” Dove said.

A reward of up to $1,000 had been offered for information leading to the arrest and convictions of those responsible. Dove on Friday said information relating to the origin of the tip could not be released at this time.

Dove reminded citizens to always lock their vehicles and to remove any valuable items. Doing these two tasks will significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of this type of crime, she said.

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Perps, Crime & Stops

Hey, whatever happened to the others involved in the Golfview home invasion? The one captured didn't roll on the others? This is at least the 3rd (this, the invasion & PeachMAc) time the proactive traffic stops for minor infractions has not protected the public. I know there is no money (traffic fines) in crime but was this beat cop sitting on 54 waiting for that speeding car to cross Line Creek? Probably hard to prove that they do reduce crime but I think these prove that there is a better way to fight crime.

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The Citizen Reports

I thought we discussed this ad-nauseum about a year ago. Race and other identity factors are important to report when the suspects are still at large. To continue to report race, neighborhood, etc. after the apprehension of the suspect is to make the point that the perps are not white. . . IMO. When pictures are included, that is not usually done - and very seldom have I noted that The Citizen includes the 'race' of a white perp. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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It is important to report on the race each time that a crime is committed so the citizens of Fayette county can more easily identify who the enemy is. We need to know who the enemy is.

If there was a wandering band of 90 year old white ladies robbing people at gunpoint, that is who we would be profiling every time we went out into the community.

As it is, that is not the case. Have you looked at the demographic of one of the roadside cleanup crews lately?

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Teens Busted

Really, I think they should put their parents name in the paper also. Oh yea, if they can identify who the parents are.

That's right it's not their fault it's society's fault. We faild to give them more entitlements, this way they might not have to steal. You people must be Democrats... Never their fault. Always someone else to blame. Sad....

Oh yea this is CHANGE or is it?

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Race and crime

And since when do they give ages, I mean don't they know that kids have feelings too?

And what about this gender thing, come on already!

Let's just say that two people were arrested, that gives everyone all the information that they need.....hmmm

Do we really need to say which police department arrested them?

Why don't we leave out the whole thing about the neighborhood too, I mean it gives the whole area a bad name.

Let's just skip the whole article, why do we need this kind of bad news anyway.

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Au contraire, Petey C!

I'm sure that the PTC Police now includes the race of the perps so that board race-baiters like Observerofu can have an easier time deciding whether or not to engage in their traditional situational outrage. It's a shame the release did not include the perps' religious preferences, that would make life easier for bigots like Joe Kawfi.

I'm wondering, though, why the press release didn't include the age and race of Captain Dove? And her marital status and sexual preference?

What are they hiding?

So many unanswered questions.......

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Bacon - You're

right of course, we should have eveything out there, my mistake. Let's report everything concerning criminals, I forgot religion we should include that too.

Did Captian Dove commit a crime? I didn't see that in the article.

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Press Release

As said before they will point out race when the perp is not white. This is the media's way of singling out color and minority crime. Ultimately bringing America to a Race debate that never seems to end. This is not only limited to the media, Sheriffs report and many others. Good pick up CPB.

Keep your eyes open, the Citizen is as guilty as the rest. Remember the robbery at the PTC Post Office.No description of the perp. Why? They wore mask "NO" They were white.

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Race? Who cares?

I don't care about their race. But I don't care if the info is published, either.

I'm more concerned that there are still so many people who are not locking their cars, and who, even if they lock them, leave valuables in plain sight. This isn't Mayberry, folks. Don't be stupid.

PTC Observer
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IMNSHO - Let's

live in a city where we don't have to lock our cars, our homes, or our minds. Mayberry is not such a bad goal to achieve. Don't you think?

If we stick together maybe, just maybe we can have Mayberry in PTC......again.

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"Stupid People" IMNSHO


I really do not understand your comment about us “stupid people”. Why do we have to go out of our way to hide things in our cars, look around when we walk (regardless the area), worry about someone taking our credit information. For some reason you seem to be blaming us for people who do crimes. What about MY RIGHTS?
In MY view, all criminals need to be treated the same, regardless of race, religious preferences, wealth, etc. If found guilty, they all go to the same prison. Place them in a cell like a 3rd world country, no rights. You seem to be blaming us “stupid people”. For encouraging them to commit a crime.
As a middle class individual I am tried of seeing people not working for years but able have very nice smart phones, nice cars, etc. Just look at the 4 recent players from Auburn that were arrested for a crime. With kids in college, we were given no assistance, made too much money (guess my wife and me should not be working long hours). These kids were basically given a free pass for college but decided to rob someone. So according to you those “stupid home owners” should have not worked hard and kept the house looking like crap.
I may not totally agree with things the PTC Police, but we need to support them

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PTC Police press releases now point out race?

Since when do PTC Police press releases make note of the race of people that they arrest?

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This cuts out all the pesky assuming!

Stating the race means that readers don't have to assume anything. Those brain cells could be better spent finding other ways to think the sky is falling.

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