McCullough suddenly resigns top Fayette public safety job

Allen McCullough in a 2006 file photo.

Fayette County Public Safety Director Allen McCullough on Friday announced his retirement after more than 30 years of service in Fayette County.

County Administrator Steve Rapson said McCullough contacted him Friday morning saying that after much thought, prayer and discussion with his family he had decided to announce his retirement as of July 1. McCullough cited the pursuit of other opporunities as the reason for the retirement.

"It has been a wonderful opportunity to serve the Fayette Community for the last 31 years in a leadership role for Fire and Emergency Services as well as Public Safety," McCullough said.

McCullough began in his service in 1983 as the Director of Emergency Medical Services and was eventually appointed as Fire Chief and Director of Public Safety in 2006.

"I am presently exploring several different opportunities which have been presented to me,” said McCullough. “My goal is to continue to serve others, particularly in the area of emergency medicine, education and healthcare and will announce my decision in the coming month."

Rapson said Fayette County appreciates McCullough’s service over the years.

“We wish him all the best in his future endeavors,” said Rapson.

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Cut the guy some slack..He put in 31 years. So what if he double dips. My company's retirement sucks but I do not hold a grudge because his may not. I say go for it if you can double dip.

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justacitizen & slack

Yes, he earned his retirement--what he does afterwards is his business.

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OK I'll bite

what does Director of Public Safety do in Fayette County?

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Suddenly resigns . . .

Wow such a nice and sweet write up for a situation that was anything but.

PTC Observer
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Please don't

let him erase his hard drive, it's public property.

In fact, don't let any public official erase their county owned hard drives, ever.

Where are you Mr. Brown? Any policy in place yet?

Do we have a grand jury yet?

I guess not......

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can you say

double dip. why oh why did I not pursue government employment.