House passes PTC Rep. Ramsey’s insurance market bill

A bill designed to improve competitiveness in the health insurance market has been approved by the Georgia House of Representatives.

The bill would allow insurance companies licensed in Georgia to sell accident and health insurance policies that are approved for sale in other states.

The legislation is sponsored by Peachtree City Republican Matt Ramsey.

“House Bill 47 correctly places more power into the hands of insurance-buying consumers,” said Rep. Ramsey. “This step will make it possible for us to break down the barriers to competition in the health insurance market in our state. As a result, consumers will see an increase in options and greater latitude in their ability to make decisions that benefit their families.”

The bill passed the house on a 11-47 vote and now advances to the Senate, where it stalled last year.

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House Bill 47 passed with a

House Bill 47 passed with a vote of 111 to 47.

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