F’ville imposes moratorium on sweepstakes gaming

The Fayetteville City Council last week imposed a six-month moratorium on new businesses such as the Sweepstakes Internet Cafe.

The action comes after the business in Hudson Plaza on North Glynn Street that recently secured a business license to operate a business center was reported to been engaging in cash pay-outs for customers playing sweepstakes games on the premises.

Fayetteville City Manager Joe Morton Tuesday morning said the company indicated on the business license application that it would be providing services such as copying, printing and computer access.

But reports of sweepstakes games being played with the possibility of cash pay-outs made to customers have prompted a review of the business license, Morton said.

Morton said there is pending legislation before the Georgia General Assembly addressing this type of sweepstakes activity. Meantime, the city is also looking the ways in which states such as Florida, Ohio and North Carolina have addressed the issue, he said.

The Business Center is located at the Hudson Plaza shopping center at the site of the former Wood World.

A check of the location Monday afternoon and again Tuesday morning found the doors to the business locked.

Peachtree City last week imposed a similar moratorium.

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