F’ville Council resolution supports county transportation plan; proposed projects listed

The Fayetteville City Council on March 3 adopted a resolution supporting potential projects that will be reviewed for potential inclusion in the regional transportation 1-cent sales tax initiative going before voters in mid-2012. The measure, consisting mainly of local projects, is expected to be considered by other local Fayette County governments in the coming days.

City Director of Public Services Don Easterbrook in a recent letter said Fayetteville’s resolution is part of the Fayette County submittal.

“The financially unconstrained list of projects is included as part of the resolution. Peachtree City, Tyrone, Brooks and Woolsey have also been offered the opportunity to submit projects jointly and they have been asked to act on similar resolutions,” Easterbrook said of the projects that are currently in the draft stage.

The proposed list covers a variety of projects in categories that include roadways, road and bridge maintenance, safety and traffic operations, freight and logistics and bicycle and pedestrian. Many of the projects were previously included in the lengthy Fayette County 2010 Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

Among the 17 proposed roadway projects are the widening of Ga. Highway 85 from Grady Avenue in Fayetteville to Bernhard Road, the East Fayetteville Bypass, the Tyrone Road Operational Corridor from Tyrone to the Coweta County line, the MacDuff Parkway extension, four-laning Ga. Highway 279 from Hwy. 85 to the Fulton County line and improvements to Hwy. 85 South from Bernhard Road to Ga. Highway 74. A number of these roadway projects and others are listed as having sponsorship by the Ga. Dept. of Transportation while others are sponsored by the county or municipalities.

Road and bridge maintenance projects include needed work or replacement of the bridges at Kenwood Road at Morning Creek, McIntosh Road at the Flint River, the Redwine Road bridge at Whitewater Creek, the Helmer Road bridge at Camp Creek, the Coastline Road, bridge at CSX railroad and Ebenezer Church Road at Whitewater Creek.

The list includes 13 safety and traffic operations projects addressing roads and intersections in Peachtree City and unincorporated Fayette County.

Freight and logistics projects, none of which have a dollar value assigned, include proposed projects such as interchange improvements at I-85 and Hwy. 74 and the evaluation of railroad crossings in the county.

Bicycle and pedestrian, also with no current cost estimates, include paving the road shoulder on Hwy. 54 between Peachtree City and Fayetteville, paving the road shoulder on Hwy. 74 from Hwy. 54 to the Fulton County line and multi-use paths on McDonough Road, Tyrone Road and the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Easterbrook said the unconstrained list of projects will be reviewed by ARC, DOT and the Regional Transportation Roundtable. It is anticipated that some of the projects will be cut from the list, he said.

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Cart paths should be at the top of the list.

These all sound good but I think we would do well to concentrate on cart paths (which includes bicycles) throughout the county for our own use within our communities. Why are we not doing this?

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