Voice your opinion on Fayette’s school superintendent search

What qualities and qualifications do you want in the next Fayette County school superintendent? Now is the time to let your voice be heard.

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) has been hired by the Fayette County Board of Education to conduct a nationwide search for the next superintendent. Stakeholder input is needed to find the most qualified candidate for the position.

GSBA has posted an electronic survey on the school system’s website, www.fcboe.org , to gather information that will be used in the superintendent search. All stakeholders, parents, students, school system employees, senior citizens, business and civic leaders, residents with and without children attending the Fayette County Public School System, and anyone who lives or works in the county, should participate in this important first step.

Responses are sent directly to GSBA. The organization will collect the results and use the information as screening criteria for qualified candidates. The online survey will remain on the school system’s website through Apr. 5.

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Sam Sweat

I do not think Mr. Sweat would make a good superintendent.
He has been around for a while, but he can be very difficult to work with.

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2 obvious solutions - both local

Sam Sweat would need no orientation and he has the experience.

Failing that and wishing to stay local, we could probably attract a senior administrator from Clayton County. Good idea huh? At least he or she would recognize the kids who were here illegally.

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Shopping on tax payers dime

Sammy has been seen shopping and getting his hair cut during working hours on our dime. I hope to Heaven that he does NOT become the Supt!!

Lifes Snot Fare
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Superintendent Search For Dummies

Despite the nation-wide search, I feel that the best candidate for the job should, at the least, be from the southeast, in not from the state of Georgia. Too often, various law enforcement agencies, boards of education and other large municipal entities have recruited their leaders from all across the nation. Almost invariably, though, these candidates stay in place for a while, then leave for the next greener pasture. They have no emotional investment in the community, beyond what was purchased, and it means nothing to them to leave, but it means everything to the community. When they leave, the community has to start the process of finding someone that they can pay to like them, all over again. You pay for a date, you've hired a harlot, pick a friend and you've found your champion. Pick homegrown, and they'll be more likely to appreciate the struggles, interests and goals of the local community. That being said, I would not hire a superintendent from Fayette County. The current crop of politicians in the Fayette County Board of Education have been content to over-spend and support one-another in some really horrible group-think. As a group the members of the Board of Education should hang their heads in shame for the way they've wasted the taxpayer's money, then come back for more like hogs wanting the last possible acorn.

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