PTC eyes change in cop titles; ‘for profit’ rentals of The Fred to be discussed

With a relatively light agenda for its meeting Thursday night, the Peachtree City Council will consider a request to replace two sergeant positions in the criminal investigations division of the police department with two positions for detectives instead.

The change will not result in a lower salary for either position but is considered necessary since the CID sergeants do not supervise personnel like the other sergeants on the patrol division of the police department, according to a memo presented to council in advance of the meeting.

The title change was considered as a part of the lengthy list of recommendations provided following an exhaustive review of the department conducted last year by Matrix Consulting. The change to be considered by council includes a revised job description to match the detectives’ duties.

The police department has a total of four detectives. Two of them are considered “seasoned” with 18 years of experience, and the other two positions are used to rotate in staff from the patrol division “to provide career development,” according to the memo.

In other business, council will consider eliminating the rental of the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater for for-profit uses. Under the proposal from Amphitheater Manager Nancy Price, the venue would still be available for rental by non-profit or school groups.

The change will allow the amphitheater staff “to be in total control of the quality and selection of entertainment that appears at the venue,” Price wrote.

Though Price notes that renting The Fred out to for-profit companies was necessary to bring the amphitheater’s budget “in the black,” such a move is no longer necessary.

Council is also expected to vote to change the name of the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex to “The Peachtree City Athletic Complex.” The change was proposed to allow the city more branding opportunity at the facility, which is a key part of the city’s plans to attract youth sports tournaments to the city.

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