Let’s remember some history

I would like to point out a few things that Deborah Lum of Fayetteville does not know, because all appearances she is educated on the left wing blogs and the left wing news media.

Since 2008 the government is totally dedicated to becoming a socialist Marxist country and as long as that is the goal of Obama and the Democratic Party.

I pray the legislative shenanigans continue. All the adjectives you use to describe the Republicans come straight out of the left wing websites and are the same adjectives used against us when we were trying to free the slaves. I would suspect some of this hatred you have for the Republicans is their moral stand in government and the community.

At the Democratic convention when the Muslim had the opening prayer the whole convention was reverent and when the Catholics gave the closing prayer he was booed and jeered. In between the two prayers the Democrats voted God out of the platform three times.

Yes, compromise is a dirty word because the country’s principles have just about been compromised away and there has to be a stopping point somewhere.

The president is the one who has separated the races more than any president in history. The president has demonized any one that disagreed with him. This is what he learned in the book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul D. Alinsky, which he taught in college.

In case you haven’t noticed, Obama is in full control of all corporations by regulations. He is forcing stores out of business, shutting down power plants, and any company that gets in his way, like Standard and Poor’s. I don’t know about you, but I have never known a person to go to a poor person to get a job.

As for the racially charged rhetoric directed at him, there is none. The rhetoric was all by the Democrats at the Republicans. There has been little or no toxic atmosphere to Obama compared to what was done to George W Bush. Obama’s election revealed that a white person will vote for a black as well as a white and that a black will vote only for a black when running against a white person.

I realize you were probably educated in public schools and don’t know the difference between socialism, Marxism and freedom and capitalism, but a great many of us do.

In my 68 years I have never seen a decline in the U.S.A. as great as the last four years and only God knows what the next four years will be.

W. H. Pool

Fayetteville, Ga.

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