Just examine angry Democrat’s words to determine who really is racist

It appears that Deborah Lum is surprised that she was called out on her diatribe of Feb. 6, 2013, “Why do blacks block vote? Let’s count reasons” in The Citizen.

And when she was called to task for her mean-spirited, racist and hate-filled accusations and labels, she accuses you of “living in an alternate universe” per her article in last week’s Feb. 27 Citizen.

That is nothing but an attempt to try and redirect or change the subject away from her diatribe. However, since she brings the concept of what universe you are living in, I will use that in my article about her diatribe. Well, let’s recap some of her infamous diatribe and determine what universe she is living in.

These are Deborah Lum’s own mean-spirited words: “The essence of the Republican Party has been quite unambiguous, thanks to ambassadors of intolerance, dishonesty, incompetence, negativity, bigotry, chicanery, and the asinine.”

This next quote is in her reference to the Republican Party: “The party embraces and defends the extreme, idiotic and vile people.”

Another of Deborah Lum’s quotes: “The litany of Republican intransigence, insanity, intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, ignorance, policies, and manipulations is well-documented and way too long for this space.”

More of Deborah Lum’s quotes: “How can so many Republicans (64 percent by the most recent poll) be so ignorant and persistent in this absurdity? From the halls of congress to the backwoods (where you might expect it).”

This is a nice little racist slur against rural people, isn’t it?

Deborah Lum continues with this hate-filled statement: “The non-stop drumbeat of bigotry and vitriol ... and the actions of Republican leaders is a constant reminder that humanity’s cancer still affects too many Americans. Dare I say it: the ‘R’ word.

This must be the “I hate Republicans and people from the backwoods (where you might expect it)” universe of Deborah Lum.

What I have analyzed from Deborah Lum’s diatribe is that her mean-spiritedness and hate-filled statements seem to get more intense the further into her diatribe she goes, rising to an ultimate crescendo by calling people who disagree with her, her ideologies, her political party and her dear Obama as “humanity’s cancer.”

It reminds me of someone throwing a temper tantrum and getting meaner and nastier as their temper tantrum rages on. From her diatribe she seems to have an extreme and intense emotional attachment to Obama. Does she have a crush on Obama along with a cult-like worship of him?

Anyone who disagrees with and opposes her dear Obama is subjected to her mean-spirited and hate-filled diatribe attacks. This must be the “Obama’s groupies” and/or the “cult of Obama” universe of Deborah Lum.

Also, is her diatribe an example of following her dear Obama’s call for more “civility” in public discourse? Should she hold herself to her dear Obama’s “civility” standard? Or has she exempted herself from her dear Obama’s “civility” standard believing that it is for other people to follow and not her? Is this the “Obama’s civility standard for others but not for me” universe of Deborah Lum?

Deborah Lum has proven that she is quite eager to call people she doesn’t like “humanity’s cancer.” I’m curious what Deborah Lum’s reaction would be if the tables were turned and someone called her and, those who agree with her, “humanity’s cancer”? Would she be demanding that they apologize for, and be condemned for, their mean-spirited and hate-filled label of “humanity’s cancer” for people they don’t like?

This isn’t the first time people have referred to human beings they don’t like as “humanity’s cancer.” Throughout human history there have horrible crimes committed by those in power against innocent human beings who were considered to be “humanity’s cancer” by them.

All of these governments considered these murdered victims to be “humanity’s cancer” which, they believed, justified their right to eliminate them from society.

Is this the universe that Deborah Lum’s “humanity’s cancer” label is meant to engender against those whom she doesn’t like and who disagree with her? What would Deborah Lum do to those she considers to be “humanity’s cancer” if she had power over their lives? What would that universe be like?

Stephen Allen

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Poor Interpretation

Readers with an open mind and intelligence understood the full context of the article you chose to grossly misrepresent. Your interpretation is either due to a lack of comprehension or to a biased predisposition to opposing views. Perhaps both, as you totally missed the point of the article.
For all of the quotes you chose to highlight, there is ample evidence to support each of them. You didn’t like the honest assessment, opting instead to focus on the words used to accurately describe what most of us see every day. Truthfulness is hard to see with blinders on. Take them off and the world will look a lot better.

S. Lindsey
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Actually we did understand the FULL context...

That was why her so called "fact-filled" letter was shredded.

You call it an honest assessment we called it mostly BS. I am sure if someone wrote the same about Progressives you would be right in line to do the same...

Those "blinders" fit everyone you know.

Davids mom
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Ignore the perception

. . .and the Republican Party will waste $10million . The leaders of the Fayette County GOP seem to sincerely believe in their principles and may use this forum to clarify them and their ideology to those who obviously rejected their message . If the Republican Party isn't bothered by the perception that over half the country has of their vision of our country - well don't expect any change in the perception of the national party.

S. Lindsey
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...only HALF the Country is important.. oh... ok I guess.

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