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Senoia Marathon station busted for video gambling

It was a matter of paying cash for credits on “slot machine” style video games that led to the Feb. 26 seizure of cash and equipment at the Marathon convenience store on Ga. Highway 85 at Ga. Highway 16 in Senoia.

Warrants have been filed for three individuals pertaining to the illegal gambling.

“The Senoia Police Department had been receiving anonymous complaints indicating that individuals were receiving cash payment for credits earned while playing the ‘Slot Machine’ style games located inside the business, which is a clear violation of law,” said Senioa Police Chief Jason Edens.

Edens said that while conducting the investigation the police requested the assistance of the Coweta County Crime Suppression Unit to conduct an undercover operation inside the business.

“The undercover agent was paid in cash for the winnings on several occasions,” Edens said. “Based on this information Lt. Michael Resmondo of the Senoia Police Department did obtain a search warrant for the business for the purposes of locating and seizing any evidence directly related to the gaming machines.”

A group of Senoia officers and Coweta Sheriff’s Crime Suppression Unit arrived at the Marathon station at approximately 10 a.m. The manager was served with papers for the search warrant after patrons completed their purchases, Resmondo said.

Officers seized four video machines and cash from the register, safe and the ATM machine that was stocked by the store, Resmondo said.
Resmondo said warrants for three individuals have been issued in the case.

“The Senoia Police along with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office recognize that gambling is an addiction and for this purpose we take this type of illegal activity very seriously. We are now and will continue to monitor this type of activity here in Senoia as well as within Coweta County,” Edens said.



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If the “Fountain of Youth” really exists, it may be at the Canongate golf courses in Fayette and Coweta counties.