Is it ‘Bye-bye, phone book’ for Fayette?

Fayette County may lose its “white pages” telephone directory from AT&T in the near future, if a proposed rule change is adopted by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

The PSC is considering proposed changes to commission rules in response to a request from AT&T (formerly BellSouth) Georgia ...

that would eliminate mandatory distribution of printed directories to 18 Georgia communities with populations over 50,000.

That would eliminate the current white pages directory for Clayton, Fayette and Henry counties.

Commission rules currently require telecommunications companies to print and distribute yearly residential telephone directories, commonly known as “white pages.”

Under the proposed amended rule, for communities with combined populations of greater than 50,000, local carriers will not be obligated to distribute printed residential directories, provided that, upon a customer’s request, the local exchange carrier would still be required to provide the residential directory free of charge in printed or electronic form.

The proposed rules require local exchange companies to provide notice to affected customers prior to discontinuing the distribution of residential directories.

The affected communities are Albany, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta-Harlem, Austell-Douglasville-Hiram-Mableton-Powder Springs, Cherokee-Pickens counties, Clayton-Fayette-Henry counties, Columbus-Hamilton, Cumming-Forsyth-Roswell-Alpharetta, Gwinnett County, Henry County, Lake Oconee-Reynolds Plantation, Macon-Forsyth, Marietta, Savannah, Warner Robins, and West Georgia.

The commission will receive written comments from all interested parties electronically, by fax, or mail at address below:

Georgia Public Service Commission
244 Washington Street, SW
Atlanta GA, 30334

Toll-free in Georgia (outside Metro Atlanta): (800) 282-5813

Metro Atlanta: (404) 656-4501

Fax :( 404) 656-2341


You can find more information on this issue under Docket Number 30569 on the commission website at

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White Pages, Ok.

The online white pages alternatives are very useful.

But the AT/T yellow pages online is abysmal.
Can't remember the last time I successfully found what I was searching for using their system. YoOu can tell it to search in Fayetteville, but then up pops a repair center in Conyers. Yeah, thats local.

Cal Beverly
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Local Fayette-Coweta business directory is at your service

Time for a plug for a service that helps pay the bills here: The Citizen Showcase, your very own local "Yellow Pages" type business directory.

Go to, and I guarantee you will not find any Conyers listings.

It's still a work in progress, but every single business listed is local (meaning Fayette and Coweta), checked and entered by hand by a Citizen staffer.

Kick the tires and leave your comments about how we can improve the service.

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phone book

Stop going to actual phone book websites. Just type the name or service you are looking for plus the city and you will almost always find it on google. Phone books are obsolete technology there is no reason to force phone companies to keep producing them.

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I dont believe

anybody uses these waste of paper books anyway. I throw them out along with all the newspapers that are thrown on the street. Its a new era, get rid of the att books

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