Join bikers at PUMC for ‘Biker Sunday’

Providence UMC’s senior pastor Diane Parrish and her Harley. Photo/Special.

Providence United Methodist Church invites members of the community to dust off that bike, grab their leathers and take a ride with Providence Senior Pastor Diane Parrish and her husband, Ray.

On Sunday, March 2, Providence will host a special “Biker Sunday,” when bikers in the community are invited to come to church then ride with the Providence group.

After parking bikes in reserved spaces, all are invited to the Connection Café at 10:30 a.m. for free coffee and fellowship, followed by a contemporary worship service at 11:11 a.m. Immediately following that service, the group will head to LaGrange for lunch. After lunch, bikers will ride for about two hours hours through Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park and back through Warm Springs, Woodbury, Gay and Senoia before returning to the church parking lot at around 4 p.m.

Rev. Parrish explains, “Ray and I have been riding together for 20 years. I had to ride my Yamaha (not trailer it) to Sturgis twice before he would let me get my first Harley back in 2005.We thought a Biker Sunday would be a great way to get to know the bikers in this area.”

Providence is at 592 Bernhard Rd. in southern Fayette County between Ga. Hwy. 85 and Redwine Road. Call 770-719-8800 or go to for info.

Free childcare is provided during all worship services.

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Motorcycle Club

We have a Motorcycle club in Fayette Co. called Star 304 riding and touring. We are a family riding club. We allow all brands of cycles, but you have to be a member of Star Riding and Touring of the United States. Look on facebook for star 304. or go to our web page, Star 304 Riding and Touring. No drinking, foul language, allowed on our rides, and children welcome. No monthly dues, but we raise money, and give to needy Children at Christmas. We have monthly rides and monthly meetings at Partners Pizza in Fayetteville. Always welcome new members.

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Gort & Riding

You might consider "The Patriot Guard Motorcycle Club".

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AHG, a worthy cause, that’s

AHG, a worthy cause, that’s for sure.

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Now that I’m retired, I

Now that I’m retired, I thought about buying a motorcycle and joining a motorcycle club to help pass the time. I even made contact with “The Sons of Anarchy” but they had too many rules. 8 - )