F’ville police arrest suspect in CVS robbery, look for others

Mug shot of Michael MacConaugha Jr. provided by the Fayetteville Police Department.

Fayetteville police said Feb. 20 they have arrested a man suspected of robbing the CVS pharmacy located at 480 N. Glynn St. in December 2013.

Michael MacConaugha Jr., 20, of East Point is charged with robbery and obstruction and is in the Fayette County Jail, said Fayetteville Police Lt. Mike Whitlow.

On Dec. 24, 2013, at approximately 6:45 p.m., MacConaugha walked into the CVS store, told the clerk he had a gun and demanded money from the cash register,” Whitlow said.

“MacConaugha kept his hand in his right pocket indicating he was holding a weapon. The cashier gave him money from the register and MacConaugha fled on foot. Fayetteville units were in the area and responded within seconds,” Whitlow said.

“MacConaugha was wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt over a white t-shirt, a white baseball cap with a blue bill, camouflaged pants and very distinctive blue tennis shoes with pink laces. Fayetteville detectives developed information which led them to the arrest of MacConaugha,” Whitlow said.

Meanwhile, Fayetteville detectives said they believe there are other suspects involved in this robbery, and the investigation is ongoing. Agencies in other jurisdictions are also investigating the possibility that MacConaugha is involved in other robberies, Whitlow said.

Below, CVS security video shot of December robber. Photo/Fayetteville P.D.

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The Fayette police got this guy before

the fashion police could arrest him for that 'get-up'. Especially like the pink laces; guess he is in touch with his feminine side- which might work to his advantage when he starts doing the time for the crime.

stranger than f...
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A White Guy from Fulton County?

Impossible. Everyone on this blog instinctively knows that only Clayton County Blacks are nefarious enough to perpetrate crime in idyllic Fayette County.

This must be a misprint.

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Hope denied

I was hoping no racist comments would be made. We still have a way to go. Interesting and disappointing. :-(

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It's Obvious...

It's obvious that he is a white boy trash thug that dreams he could be black boy trash thug from S.Fulton or Clayton counties... he dresses and acts just like them.

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You were hoping no one would respond

Because he was white....you can admit it.

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hand in his right pocket...

Perhaps this thug wannabe was trying to hold is breeches up. His public defender might argue that fact. He'll probably loose that theory.

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Another punk down

Thanks to the Fayetteville PD for getting to the bottom of this. I'm always please to read how these recent crimes have a happy ending, the perp is caught and the paper reports it.
Blue shoes with pink laces? Enjoy your time in prison, sunshine.

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Clean the streets

Of this vermin.