F’ville proposes annexing new Panera Bread site

Fayetteville is on track to welcome yet another restaurant near the Fayette Pavilion.

Panera Bread is planning to come to the intersection of Ga. Highway 85 and Ellis Road. A representative of the company is requesting an annexation into Fayetteville of an adjacent lot located to the rear of the site.

The half-acre lot, currently in unincorporated Fayette County, is already zoned for commercial use. The city is asking for the annexation to correct an error, as the city’s zoning and future land use map both show the property as having been in the city limits “for many years,” according to city officials.

The annexation will be considered by the Fayette County Commission at its Thursday meeting at 3 p.m. The commission can choose to formally object to the annexation but has only a few specific grounds on which to do so.

The parcel in question is located at 104 Ellis Road and would be developed primarily for parking and storm water detention to serve the restaurant.

The parcel is owned currently by Mountain Holdings, LLC of Knoxville, Tenn.

In other business Wednesday, the commission is expected to consider filling a vacant position on the county’s three-person ethics board. The vacancy was created last month when board member Dan Langford resigned, in part at the request of several county commissioners.

Langford was criticized by some who claimed his current position as Brooks mayor might lead to some partiality in his decisions on the ethics board because of the contractual relationships Brooks has with county government.

It is possible the commission will choose to fill the vacant ethics board seat with one of the two ethics board alternates: Pota Coston, a retired IRS director and Larris Marks, the former director of human resources for the U.S. Army Forces Command.

The commission Wednesday also will hear details of the county’s audit for the 2012 fiscal year. The audit was performed by the firm of Nichols, Cauley and Associates, LLC.

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Twisted Working it out

I walked past the Twisted Taco last week and the front door was open and there were lights on inside...so being the curious sort I stuck my head inside. They are indeed finally making progress. I talked a few minutes to one of the workers and he said they had a lot of delays due to structural issues at the beginning. Then he said the corporate office put a hold on construction because the company was stretched too thin economically for a while because they were building this location and remodeling 2 others at the same time. He didn't know what the target date is, but he said they are working quickly now that things are going again.

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I just noticed the Panera being built when I came out of SunTrust a couple of days ago. I'm thrilled that there will be one this close, as I am imagining mornings of coffee, bagels and writing in a nice atmosphere. :-)

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Panera Bread

Will soon be open. Now what about that Twisted Taco joint????????

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Cy-Twisted Taco

Update. They are working inside today. They have not finished the upstairs deck yet (visible from the back parking lot). There is a now hiring sign out front with a phone number.

The good news? When we finish our t. taco and margarita, we can go next door and get our eyebrow(s) threaded. That right there, worth the price of admission. You first.

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MLC & "Now Hiring" Sign

Sign has been there for more than a month--wouldn't put any stock in that!

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I usually go by there on weekdays when there is so much traffic I don't even look at the front of the place and would not have seen it. I agree, who hires before construction is even finished, anyway? Screwy things about that place from day 1, seems to me.
As with my previous guess many months ago, Cinco de Mayo opening might not be too far off the mark after all!

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Nothing good ever happens here...

Those of you that live by this drumbeat, could you please go ahead and put your house up for sale?! Enough!

Sure, its a chain, but its actually a decent quality one that is not a fried chicken joint. COME ON GUYS.

Things are finally looking up in Fayette. Time to end the knee-jerk negativity.

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Wow, another chain restaurant...

....just what we needed.

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No More Mom N Pops

At the cost per square ft. being charged in those developments only franchises can afford to locate there.
Unfortunately, Mom n Pop restaurants will struggle to even pay the rent much less the other costs of those

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