Traffic lights, power lines down at PTC’s major intersection

Traffic lights, power lines down at PTC’s major intersection

UPDATE 11:36 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12 — Winter weather has brought down the traffic signal at Ga. highways 54 and 74, normally Peachtree City’s busiest intersection.

Motorists should completely avoid the area as live power lines are down as well, according to the Peachtree City Police Department.

The police department posted the info on Facebook around 10:30 p.m. tonight.

The police department itself has lost outside power and is working on emergency backup power.

Numerous officers have been called in to work along with volunteers from the auxiliary police force.

Photo courtesy Peachtree City Police Department.

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One picture is worth

a thousand words. Who would ever think we would ever see that intersection empty of traffic?

Now, how old are those power lines and traffic signal? 6-7 years? Great work, GDOT. We'll send you the bill for this waste of our city money. Quality to withstand the test of time. Phhhhtt.

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