Stormwater rates don’t match the explanation

Something doesn’t “add up” regarding the stormwater rate quoted in Betsy Tyler’s Feb. 6 article.

The existing rate is given as $0.86 per 1,000 square feet.

My 85x140 lot is 11,900 square feet (about a quarter acre).

Maybe as much as half of that is impervious — 5,950 square feet.

I should be charged 5,950/1,000 x 0.86 = $5.12.

(Even if ALL of my property were impervious, that works out to be $10.23.)

How is the actual bill of $32.28 arrived at?

Bob Morris

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Mr. Morris, thank you for

Mr. Morris, thank you for your letter. I think the City's response is "If you don't like living here you should move."

We had an old expression that fits this recent stormwater debacle very well: " B-O-H-I-C-A ".

Thank you for the sentiment !

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