Somebody is still stealing ‘Vote for Romney’ signs

While I was out of town the first weekend in February, a thief trespassed on my property and stole my Mitt Romney sign and replaced it with their candidate’s sign.

The replacement sign was promptly thrown in the garbage where it belonged.

This incident simply illustrates why I voted for a decent, honorable, family-loving, America-loving, hard-working man of integrity.

The thief apparently was offended that someone would vote for a man of integrity as opposed to his candidate and exercised his true character by trespassing and stealing my sign.

I shall obtain another sign with the intention of displaying it for four years or perhaps more.

Edward Lawson

Fayetteville, Ga.

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Joined: 01/28/2008
Maybe they used it for a garage sale sign...

It happens all the time.

My advice, move on and let it go.

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Joined: 06/24/2012
Better check…

The county sign ordinance…not sure you won’t find yourself in violation.