F’ville set to change a few zoning definitions

The Fayetteville City Council last week heard the first reading of proposed amendments to portions of the Planned Community Development (PCD) and Downtown Commercial District (C-1) zoning codes. Essentially a change in language, the proposal follows recommendations from a 2009 audit of the city’s planning and development goals.

The current PCD zoning designation allows for the creation of a PCD zoning designation intended to create an individual site-specific zoning district distinct in scope and purpose that is attached to a specific parcel of land and development project, said city planner Linwood Robinson.

Robinson said the proposal to amend the ordinance would allow developers to create a PCD with a “mixed use” assignment of development uses defined as residential, commercial and office use along with any designated open space and recreational amenities.

The change is being proposed because some language currently contained in the ordinance conflicts with the city’s stated policy goals for mixed use development because it refers to the assignment of designations of uses separately or as separate uses for a master plan rather than assigning uses such as “mixed use” as the city’s development policy intends, Robinson said.

The proposed amendment for the C-1 zoning district essentially involves a name change to Downtown Historic Mixes Use District. Robinson said change stemmed from recommendations from the audit.

“Although this amendment consists of a simple name change of the zoning district, the rationale is that the proposed name would better suit the needs of and conform to current growth and development patterns in our downtown historic area,” Robinson said.

The proposals stemmed from a recommendation from the Atlanta Regional Commission following a 2009 audit of the city’s planning goals contained in the 20-year Comprehensive Plan.

Robinson said the ARC review, the “City of Fayetteville Quality Growth Audit,” included documents such as the city’s zoning ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, LCI Plan and Development Guide.

The proposed changes will have a second reading and likely vote at the Feb. 17 council meeting.

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