South Atlanta TEA Party to host citizens’ presidential debate

South Atlanta TEA Party volunteer Bonnie Willis. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The South Atlanta TEA Party (SATP) will be conducting a different kind of presidential debate later this month. The organization on Feb. 16 will host the “We the People Presidential Debate” where citizens can have their say about who should sit in the Oval Office beginning in January 2013 and why that person is the right one to be elected president.

“Having had over a dozen presidential debates, this one is different in that it’s not the candidates that are debating but citizens, and it’s not only for GOP primary candidates but welcomes all citizens of any political party to participate,” said SATP volunteer Bonnie Willis.

Commenting on why the organization should hold the debate, SATP president Brian Graffius said, “It was amazing to us that even before a single vote was cast, most pundits thought that the GOP nominee was already set. Providing a forum where people could ask questions and share their convictions – well, this is the heart of the TEA Party movement. There are few things in our lives that will be more consequential than this presidential election. So, it’s vital that citizens engage and have their voices heard.”

SATP representatives said the event was set specifically in February to have citizens of the county strongly consider their vote in the Georgia GOP presidential primary on Tuesday March 6.

While they are not endorsing any political party or candidate, SATP does believe citizens should actively engage in the political process at every stage.

“It concerns me when I hear my neighbors say things like, ‘I like this guy, but I’m going to vote for that guy because he’s the only one who can win,’” Willis said. “Or they are choosing not to vote because they believe it doesn’t matter. People’s votes are being stripped from them, and they don’t even know it. This has got to change.”

Anticipating that there are many citizens who have strong opinions who will want to share and many who are still undecided or uncommitted, SATP is asking participants to register as early as possible for this event by going to the events section of their website, or emailing

The debate will be held Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Fayette Family Church located at 1729 Ga. Highway 54 West near Peachtree City.

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