Global warming zealots’ first problem: I like it warm

I would like to disagree with Mr. Paul Lentz on several things on global warming. The reason they changed it to climate change is when the left starts getting pushed back from whatever they are pushing, then they change the name to camouflage their agenda.

I noticed Mr. Lentz used the words “arctic vortex” which is an old term in weather circles, and it was used to scare the people . It probably started from the Weather Channel; they like to scare people. I would like to say up front I like warm weather.

The earth is millions of years old. The climate has been changing for millions of years. The CO2 levels have been changing for millions of years back before we had a gas motor or SUV.

I can’t believe scientists are going to make their decision on the last 300 years. The trees and grass get greener under high CO2. My garden grows better under high CO2. All the forest fires out west create more pollution than the automobiles in Los Angeles. One volcano eruption can put more pollution in the air than all the automobiles in the United States.

There is not enough land in the U.S. to replace our electric supply with windmills and it would be massive destruction to our wildlife. To replace our power grid with solar, every house would have to have panels and you would have dead birds everywhere from diving into them. You would still have to have nuclear or gas and conventional power generation because wind doesn’t blow all the time and sun doesn’t shine all the time.

We haven’t forgotten the ozone hole the left had us in a panic about, and we spent billions of dollars fixing it, and the ozone hole is still up there getting bigger and smaller all the time, and we are saddled with a whole new fear industry that cost us billions of dollars with our Freon.

The ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctic are at record thickness, 10 or 11 feet thick, so thick icebreakers can’t get through to save all the global warming scientists. The temperature in Antarctic was at a record 135 below zero. The weather is no more extreme than it was when I was a kid. We just didn’t have a Weather Channel blaring it out every time a tornado set down anywhere in the USA and the rest of the world too. When I was a kid, they were saying we were going into an ice age.

Are the sea levels really rising or is the land mass sinking? The mountains are all going to collapse eventually anyway (Ezekiel 38:20). That is fact, unless you want to doubt the word of God.

Mr. Lentz said we should not denigrate, but that is exactly what he did to Walter Williams and anyone who disagreed with him by calling us flat earthers. I agree with Walter that it is the height of arrogance for man to think he can regulate the climate.

Mr. Lentz made a big deal of Mr. Williams using a fancy word called parametric. I would like to say that in the process of ridiculing Mr. Williams’ use of the word, he completely obscured three quarters of what his letter was about with all the fancy language.

Can you imagine if Russia decides to warm up Siberia or if middle America wants some snow? Who else would suffer from somebody regulating their climate? To create a volcano eruption would be chump change in God’s book. God does that all the time to regulate the earth’s temperature.

We have thousands of scientists against man-made global warming, and I prefer to listen to them. The man-made global warming crowd has all the news media and the Weather Channel and movie stars being a megaphone for them.

Europe has had their economy crippled by the global warming crowd. Spain has a 25 percent unemployment rate because of it. We are shipping firewood out of the port of Savannah to Germany. Europeans can’t afford their utility bills.

We are going to probably have brownouts after they shut all the coal generators down in a few years. There is no doubt electric rates will skyrocket, and we just keep getting shoved around by the man-made global warming crowd.

I do not fear global warming. I fear what the government will do to take advantage of this panic they are causing. God regulates the temperature of the earth so it goes up a degree or two every 50 or 100 years and comes back down every 50 or 100 years. I will put that up against any home thermostat. After all he is regulating the entire earth.

W. H. Pool
Fayetteville, Ga.

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Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.

I do not read anything there about treating the earth like a cesspool and an ashcan.

In this realm the science is a gift from the heavens to allow mankind to understand he is killing the only planet he will ever know.

The open question in the Genesis quote is, "will I rule with wisdom or as a fool?". You might want to consider the track record of mankind on that count.

The natural world has only slight tolerence for fools and it may be running out of patience with us.

And by the way, if you beleive that a microwave oven works then you should carefully consider the green house effect. A microwave oven puts out energy at a wavelegnth that causes the H-O bond in water to resonate causing the item to heat up. You put in a lot of energy and things get hot.

The greenhouse effect is, as, infrared radiation, the same kind tracked by heat seeking missles, hits the earth and radiates back into space, it encounters CO2. The infrared is at the right frequency so that it causes the C-O bond to resonante, heating up the air. global warming is the cummulative effect of this simple process, acroos the whole planet. Things were in balance. Now they are not.

It is governed by the rules of physics. Rules not set by man but by a higher authority.

And the earth does not care if you like it hot or warm. It does not care about your politics or your profits or losses. It does not care if you are a wonderful steward of the planet or a blind fool bent on self distruction.

But it is the opinion of the earth and the biosphere that matters most. And you know that when mother nature bring the hammer down, shes a gonna hit everyone and everything.

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Except in St, Louis

Where man controls the weather by utilizing the arch. Perhaps the FAA will allow us to build one here to stop the snow and tornados.

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