Seabaugh to state: don’t tamper with private accounts

Recent reports from around Georgia have noted that state tax refund checks were deposited into taxpayer’s bank accounts by the Ga. Dept. of Revenue then withdrawn with no notice or explanation, leaving account holders to ante up costs for late charges and bounced checks. But Sen. Mitch Seabaugh hopes to end that practice.

Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) on Monday introduced legislation that would prohibit any state agency from withdrawing money from a citizen’s account without express written consent from the account holder.

Seabaugh said the purpose of the legislation is to create a safeguard for tax payers against the government being able to deposit and withdraw from a private account without permission or notification.

“Georgians, as well as Americans, should feel that their private banking account is safe and protected from undue government interference,” said Seabaugh. “We need proper protocol for situations where incorrect deposits may have been made, so that citizens are fully aware of activity in their banking account.

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Maintain two bank accounts. use one account strictly for electronic transfers. when money is received transfer it automatically or manually to second account. Do not have overdraft protection on account used for receiving electronic transfers.

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Private Bank Accts & Govt Intervention

The Fed Govt does not hesitate to extract the last Social Security payment made in the event of death of the acct holder. And no, there is NO notification!