Frady acting like ‘spoiled child’; voters should take note for 2012

Fayette County voters elected two new county commissioners because they promised to push for term limits, transparency and to stop construction of the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Anyone who has attended commission meetings knows that [commissioners Lee] Hearn and [Robert] Horgan are voting in lockstep with Chairman [Herb] Frady against everything Steve Brown has proposed.

It is clear that Chairman Frady intends to slap down Steve Brown every chance he gets. Frady refused to let Brown put an item on the agenda even though he followed the proper procedure, because Frady did not like the subject.

Chairman Frady refuses to let Brown speak and acts like a spoiled child, banging the gavel to cut him off when he tries to bring up issues that the voters care about.

This behavior only exacerbates citizens’ distrust of the process and of our public officials.

Whether you love Brown or not, you have to admit that he is willing to do whatever it takes to honor the promises that got him elected. He is high energy and passionate about what he believes, in stark contrast to other board members. He is willing to “stand up” while others “stand by.”

Regardless of the issue for his consideration, Steve Brown will out research everyone involved. He will study all sides and make decisions based on solid information. Make a point to meet Commissioner Brown and discuss whatever issue is important to you. He is very approachable and willing to spend time explaining his positions.

While I do not have all the facts about each issue, I do understand that as citizens of Fayette County we deserve a full hearing of the issues that concern us and we want to be heard and acknowledged. We expect transparency and we expect our elected officials to exhibit decorum at their meetings.

In 2012, three commissioners will be up for reelection. If you will take the time to learn about the issues, when it comes time to vote, the choice will be clear.

A Fayette County Local Issues Tea Party meeting is a good place to start for any citizen concerned about the direction the county is taking and to begin getting involved in the process. Everyone, regardless of political party, is welcome.

For more information about the Local Issues Tea Party meetings, email Robert Ross —

Leslie Edwards

Fayetteville, Ga.

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