Frady’s censorship resembles Soviets

Thursday night’s display at the Fayette County Commission Meeting was the most flagrant case of censorship that I have personally ever witnessed.

The First Amendment to The Constitution Of The United States of America reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I have learned that Fayette County Commission Chairman Herb Frady told Commissioner Steve Brown 15 minutes before the commission meeting that he would not be allowed to make his planned remarks during the Commissioner Report portion of the meeting even though Commissioner Brown had submitted the request in advance as requested by Chairman Frady.

Previously, Chairman Frady removed the Commissioner Report section completely from the Jan. 5 and Jan. 13 Board of Commissioners meetings so Commissioner Brown would not be allowed to speak publicly on important issues in our county.

Every time Commissioner Brown attempted to exercise his freedom of speech right to discuss the West Fayetteville Bypass, Chairman Frady yelled over him and pounded the gavel.

Before the episode came to a conclusion, one citizen jumped up, said she had had enough and left the meeting. Two others soon followed out the door.

Other citizens in the audience were so absolutely appalled by Chairman Frady’s flagrant censorship of Commissioner Brown’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech, they began voicing their disgust aloud.

Our three commissioners left over from the previous commission have continually put constraints on citizens during commission meetings. Now those constraints include the two new commissioners.

One hundred percent of the time this year, Chairman Frady and Commissioners Horgan and Hearn have voted in opposition to measures for transparency and accountability.

Our present commission chairman has carried our local government to the depths of governmental abuse more resembling the old Soviet Union than the United States of America. This type of deplorable behavior should not be tolerated.

Virginia Allen

Fayette County, Ga.

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Someone Who Respects Our Rights

I received a newsletter this past week that contained a quote from a lady who knows how it feels to live without rights. She isn't originally from our country and she still speaks will a small accent. She loves her adopted country and greatly respects the rights she should be able to enjoy here.

I would like to quote her as she gave her permission for her thoughts to be published.

By the way, this lady is the first person who stood at last week's commission meeting, spoke out against Frady and left the meeting because she couldn't bear to watch as Frady denied Steve Brown his Freedom of Speech.

Ilsa said in her letter: "I felt the whole audience should have stood up and told Frady, that he should step aside for violating the citizens right. There has to be a way of removing these people who have total disrespect for the peoples wishes. We still live in America where democracy should prevail. I felt Frady acted like Chavez or Castro. That behavior for an American public official is unacceptable. I had actually a nice little speech ready, but after Frady's Kindergarten tantrum, I wondered if I would have lost my cool and told him to his face what I think of him, so I felt I better leave. Sorry, Ilsa. P.S. You can publish this comment."

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Really Virginia....the Soviets?

Oh come on....get real. Sure Brown wants to dominate the Commission. No surprise there. Sure Frady and gang are need to be challenged. No argument there. But the Soviets! Here is the deal. It's called Roberts Rules of Order. It is the accepted rules for all government meetings in the U.S. Yes, Virginia, Brown even used them as Mayor. He, too shut off and stiffled free comments from not only PTC Councilmembers, but the public. It's true. It's all there in the archives. But Steve has a huge ego problem. He doesn't want to be guided by any silly rules. He wants a large, visible, stage to orate from. What better way than to cause a situation like this one?
Steve could have simply, respectfully, announced a request to have the WFB placed on the next agenda. That would have placed Frady on notice PUBLICLY that the issue will be there. But no....Brown needs his ego gratification.
I am neither pro nor con the bypass. Haven't really looked at it, don't know why it is being built. So I withhold opinion. But I do know Brown. He is a one issue person. The bypass got him elected. But what about the other MULTITUDE of issues facing the county? He does not speak of those. He does not write of those.
The bypass has little affect on me. But all the other issues DO affect me. Brown is totally a one issue man. He used this bypass to get rid of Smith, get elected, and he wants to be chairman. If they simply voted to end the bypass, Brown would be done. Nothing more to do or talk about, except becoming chairman.
So Virginia, Soviet restriction of free speech, or political posturing by an ego-centric politician? I know what I think.
Stand by, it'll be a wild ride for 4 years.

Chris P. Bacon
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Steve Brown vs. Darth Frady
birdman wrote:

Steve could have simply, respectfully, announced a request to have the WFB placed on the next agenda. That would have placed Frady on notice PUBLICLY that the issue will be there. But no....Brown needs his ego gratification.

Birdman, if you look at Harold Bost's letter to the editor this week, you'd see that that is exactly what Commissioner Brown did.

Twas Frady who threw decorum and procedure out the window, solely because he didn't like what Brown had to say.

Interesting how the county as a whole seems to be realizing, albeit belatedly, in the autocratic browbeating of Banana Republican Herb Frady.

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Poor FREAKY frady

He wanted to be Hitler, but he was born too late.

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