‘Furious Frady’ now dictator of his new banana republic, Fayette

The new Fayette County Commission Chairman Herb Frady did a magnificent job of demonstrating why he could never get a second to his nomination for the chairman’s post in the past.

Chairman Herb Frady tried to keep Commissioner Steve Brown from speaking out on the West Fayetteville Bypass at the Jan. 27 Board of Commissioners meeting. Even though Brown followed the procedure, Furious Frady pounded the gavel on the dais and yelled that he removed Brown’s item from the agenda.

Furious Frady grumbled that Browns’ agenda item had nothing to do with county business. Since when is the worthless West Fayetteville Bypass not Fayette County business?

Commissioner Robert Horgan came to Furious Frady’s rescue. Pothead Horgan voted with Furious Frady to keep Brown from being able to speak on behalf of his constituents.

It looks like Furious Frady has become a dictator and Fayette County is his new banana republic. If he could do it, I’m sure Furious Frady would have Brown jailed for daring to speak the truth at a meeting. After all, that’s how dictators stay in business.

Having Herb Frady as our County Commission chairman is an embarrassment to all of us in Fayette County. Frady’s 18-year-long dream (since 1992) to be chairman of the County Commission apparently has warped his mind, leading him to believe he is god and everyone has no option but to bow to his demands.

Unfortunately, County Attorney Scott Bennett is so inept at giving proper legal advice that he has added to Herb Frady’s mental problems. Bad legal advice and Frady’s mental state results in an unbelievable circus.

People of Fayette County, let’s all hope the elections of 2012 get here before our county is completely ruined .

Harold Bost

Fayetteville, Ga.

[Bost is a former member of the County Commission and supported Commissioner Steve Brown in the 2010 election cycle.]

Spear Road Guy
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Go Harold!!!

Furious Frady gets a spanking.

More Cowbelle
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Harold - Just drop a check off

Bost Hog,

The next time you're over at the commission how about dropping off a check for $20,000 to reimburse the taxpayers for the special election we ran when you "had to leave office early".

Robert W. Morgan
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Ok cowbell, I remember Bost now

Our own "Man in Full" wannabe - ever read that book by Tom Wolfe?

Don't think Bost is the answer to our problems. Peter Pfeifer or Greg Dunn would be better. BTW, who is going to take Horgan's seat? He's up in a North Fayette district and I want to know who those up there want to replace him with.
Or, as an alternative: With whom they wish to replace Mr. Horgan. The last was for those of you who think it is not appropriate to end a sentence with a preposition like with, with.

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Winning Friends the FREAKY frady Way

Act like a dictator and bully. That always wins people over. Wait......didn't Smith and the wheelchair guy try that same technique?? How did that work for them again??

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Your way

out of line with that comment! I bet you made fun of other kids with disabliities when you was young, and your proud parents probably laughed with you!

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Frady: As Bad as Sprayberry

Ole Herb is as bad as former Commission Chairman Robert Sprayberry, threatening to remove someone.

Clowns like these guys never learn; they simply get voted out.