Sam’s Club opens at Fischer Crossings

Sharpsburg Mayor Wendell Staley and Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Candace Boothby (both at left) look on as Sam’s Club manager Darrell Arnold cuts the ribbon Thursday morning to officially open the new mega-store at the Fischer Crossings retail development on Ga. Highway 34 and Fischer Road in east Coweta County. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The day finally came. The Sam’s Club at Fischer Crossings held it’s ribbon cutting at 8 a.m. Thursday and opened its doors to shoppers at 8:30 a.m. The retailer is the first to open at the expansive Fischer Crossings retail development permitted for nearly 800,000 square feet of commercial space. The 136,000 square-foot Sam’s Club is located on the northwest corner of Ga. Highway 34 and Fischer Road.

The ribbon cutting Thursday morning was attended by the Coweta County and Fayette County chambers of commerce, elected officials and a large number of shoppers ready to make their way through the aisles.

Sam’s also announced that nationally recognized cheese sculptor Sarah Kaufman, “The Cheeses Lady,” would be at the store Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. to carve 500 pounds of Wisconsin cheddar cheese into football helmets, local team mascots, footballs, goal posts and more.

Prior to the opening, hundreds of residents from Coweta and Fayette counties attended a Jan. 20 pre-opening “Evening of Fresh Fare” event.

The invitation-only pre-opening event Jan. 20 was designed for area business leaders to learn about the fresh food items available at Sam’s Club and how the retailer can help others save money with their entertaining budgets, said company spokesperson Kristy Reed.

Commenting on the hundreds attending the event Sam’s Club manager Darrell Arnold said the club wanted to specifically reach out to area hotels, caterers, restaurants, local charities, media outlets and other businesses that frequently entertain in order to pass along fresh ideas on how to be most efficient with their entertaining dollars.

The Fischer Crossings Sam’s Club also supports area non-profit organizations. Sam’s Club showed its support to nine non-profits and agencies from Coweta and Fayette counties by giving back to the community right from the start, said Reed.

In recognition of the Jan. 27 grand opening, club associates presented $25,000 in donations to charitable organizations in Coweta and Fayette counties. The grant recipients included the Peachtree City Fire Department.

The 136,000 square-foot mega-store employs 200 people.

Sam’s Club is the first retailer to open in the large Fischer Crossings commercial development. The next to open will be NCG Cinemas, located a quarter-mile away along Ga. Highway 54 in the easternmost portion of the development.

As approved, the entire Fischer Crossings development property extends from the north side of Ga. Highway 54 just across the Fayette County line and continues on the north side past where Ga. Highway 34 intersects with Fischer Road.

All said, Fischer Crossings is currently permitted for approximately 800,000 square feet of retail space.

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Stay outta WalMart and support your local businesses.

Be willing to pay a little more and support our local business men and women....WalMart is working so hard to drive them all out of Fayette County.

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Name one local grocer...

And I'll gladly visit his or her store. Sadly, it's all Kroger and Publix, and I'll take the PTC Walmart over either any day.

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I just cannot warm up to walmart grocery shopping..

I will only go in that place to get charcoal, etc. and only then if the garden center is open.

I like a nice golf cart ride to Kroger and hopefully soon to the Fresh Market.

That said, choices are good.

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Uh, no

Give me convenience or give me death.

Where is all the howling about how Home Depot was going to crush all those local businesses like Gil-Roy's? Same with Wally. Who has Wally driven out of business lately? Home Depot did what to whom?

Sounds like you shop FAYETTE FIRST!!!!! At least u back up your talk with your actions, so I applaud you.

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