Demolition is near for PTC's Ruby Tuesday to make way for Walgreens

The final site plan for Peachtree City’s new Walgreens pharmacy was approved following Tuesday night’s planning commission meeting. The drugstore will take the place of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant, which was vacated late last month.

Firefighters and police were able to use the restaurant at the corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway in recent days for training purposes, which resulted in a few broken and removed windows, officials said.

The city is asking residents to use extreme caution during construction when they are using the Walgreens site to access Rite Aid and other businesses in the area, said Community Development Director David Rast.

The Walgreens, however, will only be about 1,000 square feet larger than its next-door competitor: Rite Aid pharmacy.

The Walgreens has drawn criticism from residents because of the proximity to Rite Aid and because the Walgreens building will be much closer to Ga. Highway 54 than the restaurant was.

But the planning commission won a number of concessions on the architectural and landscaping plans to help soften the presentation of the building.

The commission got the store’s main building sign shrunk a bit to make it fit within the architectural features on the column of the tower feature.

Developer United Retail has also committed to making sure the existing landscaping stays at the corner of the intersection, and is also adding landscaping islands to the site, including one on the Peachtree Parkway side to beef up screening of the store.

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Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday....

Today is demolition day for the old girl.

Maybe the Walgreens honchos will choke on the dust.

.....Sure am gonna miss you......

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Home Depot and Lowes do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Its how you keep prices low, park your store next to the competition. Home Depot and Lowes do it all the time, get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Demolition is near for PTC's Ruby Tuesday to make way for Walgre

Just how many drug stores does one city need ? Brilliant idea to build right next to your competitor. The store is going to be even closer to 54 than the restaurant was, guess this developer greased enough palms to get what he wanted.

So the city screwed up and missed out on Sam's club, but really pushed this Walgreens project.

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I think there are too many Chinese restaurants and jewelry stores myself, not to mention Mexican haciendas.
There certainly are too many banks (yet), and far too many convenience (lotto) stores.

What conceivable reason are you upset about a project already approved? Are you a Rite-Aid stockholder?

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round who would have thought

That you would have been a bigot towards the Chinese and Mexican populations in town. I would not have. Oh well live and learn.

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The City had nothing to do with pushing this project..

The zoning is/was in place. I can see NOTHING that PTC could have done to prevent this. I agree that it makes no sense, but blame United Retail.

Where would you propose the Sams Club could have been placed? I can see an argument for the Theater myself..but the Sams is an edifice.

crazy squirrel
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walgreens' brilliant strategy

plop your sleek new store right next to your competitor AND demo the old building, crippling rite aid further with the influx of homeless roaches... genius!

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