PTC pay raise: It’s all in how it’s done

I have a different take on the City Council’s pay raise idea, versus the letter to the editor last week.

To start with, perhaps councilmen King and Imker need to read the fine print more closely, as to exactly what an elected position pays, before they choose to run for said position.

You both stress that you don’t need the money, and the current pay is hardly worth your time. Who forced you to run?

Secondly, I have no opposition to increasing the pay. The amount sounds reasonable. But it’s all in the way it’s done. If you vote yourselves a raise, do the ethical thing: make the raise effective after the next time you face the voters.

This, I believe, is how it works for the U.S. Congress and the president.

Lastly, when the council gave city employees the day off with pay on Monday, Dec. 23, a council member said that “we” gave them the day off for a job well-done in 2013. Councilman King said, effectively, that “nothing would get done on that day anyway.”

So you’re admitting that they’re going to loaf their way through the day. But they’re such great employees that they deserve a paid day without work, and year-end bonuses?

And to clarify: YOU didn’t give them the day off. If you had, the council members would have paid the city worker’s salary from your own pockets. The taxpayers paid for that day off. Don’t forget that.

Frank Herman

Peachtree City, Ga.

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PTC Pay Raise Truths...

Please understand that the PTC Council, while "effectively" giving themselves a pay raise, technically did no such thing. All they did was approve the re-fund the previously approved (by another Council) salaries from several years ago.

The Council at that time approved the new salary structure but never funded it. Now they have funded it.

So, they didn't violate any laws, and any arguments about them deserving it or not are strictly speculative :)

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Your right Mr. Herman

Timing and delivery is everything. I don't begrudge the additional pay. The job these men and women do is worth the costs and then some.

The timing (first real meeting of the year) makes all appear to be gonifs. (Google it). It's like them saying, before we do anything, we want our money. Approving the raise for winners of the next election would have been the mensches way of handling this dilemma.

While there is nothing any of us unwashed can do now, hopefully council and all public officials can understand that timing and delivery can be as important as the issue.

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