Southeast’s largest Sam’s Club set to open 8:30 a.m. Thursday, with ribbon-cutting at 8 a.m.

Greeting guests at the Sam's Club preview Jan. 20 were management team members (L-R) Michelle Stotts, Victoria Palumbo, Allen Lucas and Cary Ledgerwood.

When the state’s newest Sam’s Club opens Thursday morning a mile west of Peachtree City, shoppers will see a line-up of celebrities that include country music artist Randy Houser, fitness expert Denise Austin, Atlanta Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton and, on Friday, chef and restauranteur Wolfgang Puck.

Hundreds of residents from Fayette and Coweta counties earlier took advantage of a Jan. 20 pre-opening “Evening of Fresh Fare” at the new Sam’s Club at Fischer Crossings commercial center on Ga. Highway 34 in east Coweta.

The invitation-only pre-opening event last Thursday was designed for area business leaders to learn about the fresh food items available at Sam’s Club and how the retailer can help others save money with their entertaining budgets, said company spokesperson Kristy Reed.
Sam’s Club Manager Darrell Arnold said the club wanted to specifically reach out to area hotels, caterers, restaurants, local charities, media outlets and other businesses that frequently entertain in order to pass along fresh ideas on how to be most efficient with their entertaining dollars.

That reach was significant, with nearly 600 people attending the pre-opening event. Some of those attending included elected officials from across Fayette and Coweta counties.

Meantime, Sam’s Club will hold a grand opening and ribbon cutting event Thursday morning at 8 a.m. Country music artist Randy Houser will be on hand to sing the national anthem and perform several acoustic songs and to sign autographs from 8-10 a.m. The doors will open for business at 8:30 a.m.

From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. author and fitness expert Denise Austin will make an appearance and sign photographs.

Austin will be followed from 1-3 p.m. by Atlanta Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton and team mascot Freddie Falcon.

And on Friday, chef, celebrity restauranteur and Emmy award winning television host Wolfgang Puck will entertain shoppers and sign autographs from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

The Fischer Crossings Sam’s Club also supports area non-profit organizations. Sam’s Club will show its support to several local communities by giving back to the community right from the start, said Reed.

In recognition of the Jan. 27 grand opening, club associates will present $25,000 in donations to charitable organizations in Coweta and Fayette counties. The grant recipients include the Community Welcome House, Corral (Coweta Organization for Riding Rehabilitation and Learning), Coweta County 4-H, Coweta County Fire Department, Coweta County Food Pantry, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club (Newnan–Coweta County Boys & Girls Club), Newnan–Coweta Cadet Flight (Civil Air Patrol) and the Peachtree City Fire Department.

The 136,000-square-foot mega-store, the company’s largest in the Southeast, employs 200 people.

Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart, requires up-front membership fees before shoppers can stock up on bulk items. Sam’s and Costco are the two warehouse club giants, with BJ’s following at a distant third. BJ’s has a club in Newnan, but the nearest Costco is in Morrow.

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Southeast’s largest Sam’s Club set to open

Another great move to allow this to be built in Coweta County..yea why have that tax base here in Fayette county, shot we don't need it. Did you notice the donations that came along with the opening? Fayette County needs to get its head out its butt..

Nice PR move to associate this with Fayette County , when its Coweta county that will reap the benefits.

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Sam's Club

Much has been said (and rightfully so) about the sales tax dollars that will soon be leaving Fayette County when Sam's Club opens. I saw this in another newspaper and thought I'm sure these organizations or others here in PTC/Fayette would have loved to be the receipients of these grants if only our idiotic mayor and city council had more of a pro-business outlook.

"Several Coweta County organizations were recipients of big checks from Sam's Club this week, as part of opening events for the new store at Fischer Crossings near Sharpsburg. The eight recipients received a total of $25,000 in grant awards at a ceremony held Wednesday. Receiving grants of $2,500 were Coweta County 4-H, Coweta County Fire Department, Coweta County Sheriff's Office, Newnan-Coweta Boys and Girls Club, Newnan-Coweta Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron, Community Welcome House, CORRAL-- Coweta Organization for Riding Rehabilitation and Learning -- and the Peachtree City Fire Department. The Coweta Community Food Pantry received a donation of $5,000. Club Manager Darrell Arnold said that Sam's is committed to providing for the local community and giving back."

Such small headed leaders we have here in PTC. Damn shame too.

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Sams Club Grant To PTC Fire Dept

Can't wait to see our small headed mayor Donnie Darko, his lapdog Doug Starkdumb and the three council ladies' picture in the local fishwrapper accepting the check from Sams Club for their gracious grant to the PTC Fire Dept. Some of you may wonder why a business in Coweta County would give a grant to the PTC Fire Dept. I did too. At first I thought it was Sam's Club way of tweaking Darko's nose and getting Erica's big girl panties in a wad. However, as a blogger in another paper put it, the grant is to defray the anticipated costs of responding to all the accidents that will be caused by PTC residents racing to shop at Sam's. You the Sam's Club manager back to the community and such. Oh and that picture of our mayor and, you are not seeing things. Yes, that is egg on their faces. C'mon and say CHEESE!

Robert W. Morgan
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Pro business outlook?

Good luck with that one. The current council change won't be changing its pursuit of silly causes - golf carts, walking signs, dog leashes and of course its favorite sport of fueding openly about silly things.

So, you would think that voting the worst ones out next time would be the solution - right? Wrong. No can do. Not here. Since Brown in 2000, the only ones to get elected in this town (and other towns and the county) are those that want to exert negative influence over growth one way or another. Stop the big boxes! Developers are evil! We need more rules to preserve our quality of life! Save the trees! Sound familiar? That's the small group of agitators who these people who seek power listen to.

There is a much larger group of people who are quite happy with the way things are but sadly they don't speak out and more to the point they don't vote. The Tea Party movement brought a lot of those people out, but I don't expect those feelings to filter down to the local level of elections. Instead we will be led by those that promise change that is largely rooted in anti-growth sentiments.

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I really wish this were a Costco..

There is absolutely no comparison in the two, customer service, selection can't beat Costco.

Oh yeah, $1.00 to the first sighting of the PTC know, the one who said that folks from PTC won't shop here. LOL

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You been driving to Morrow to shop for bushel baskets of apples and beer?

Shame on you!

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