Questions about county’s 3-2 vote

I attended [the Jan. 5, 2011] Fayette County Commission meeting, and was disturbed by one particular vote. Commissioner [Steve] Brown proposed that before the commission votes on an action having a financial impact, the public be given at least a 24-hour notice.

This seemed like a reasonable request, and I was surprised when it was opposed by Commissioners [Herb] Frady, [Lee] Hearn and [Robert] Horgan. Other than saying something about tying the hands of the staff, no specific objections were presented other than by Commissioner Hearn who said that the county might miss out on a grant if they had that kind of limitation. Huh? Twenty-four hours?

Grants are publicized months in advance of awards. Unless our county staff is terribly inefficient — which they are not — I can see no reason why a last-minute addition to the Commission agenda is necessary.

In this era of public outrage over the lack of openness in federal government, I would think our local commissioners would jump at the chance to pass a ruling that required a 24-hour notice.

J.D. Holmes

Fayetteville, Ga.

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Very good letter, Mr. Holmes.

Very good letter, Mr. Holmes. It was a rather incredible vote !

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Saying goodbye to arrogance

I hope Frady, Hearn and Horgan enjoy their last two years in office.

Make the most of it guys because you ain't coming back!

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Excellent point J.D. What are they trying to hide?

How could anyone not vote for openess unless they were trying to hide something? Missing out on grants? Fire the dip that said that just on grounds of stupidity. 24 hours? How about a week?

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Mud Holmes

Such an insignificant quantity of people go to a boring County meeting what difference does it make?

We live in a republic, not a full vote democracy. These people were elected and will do what they want anyway.

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