Burglars hit F’ville Foot Locker early Thursday

Burglars hit F’ville Foot Locker early Thursday

Fayetteville Police are searching for three suspects that burglarized the Foot Locker store at the Fayette Pavilion early Thursday morning.

Department spokesperson Mike Whitlow said surveillance video captured three suspects burglarizing a Fayetteville Foot Locker store early Thursday at approximately 4 a.m.

Whitlow said a silver vehicle, possibly a newer model crossover, backed up to the front door of the store. Three males exited the vehicle and shattered the front door using a tool similar to the Halligan tool fire departments use, Whitlow said.

The males then entered the store and began throwing boxes of shoes and packages of socks through the door into the rear of the vehicle, said Whitlow. One of the males was seen wearing a distinctive letter-type jacket in the video and Fayetteville police are hopeful someone can identify the suspect, Whitlow added.

Whitlow said the males made off with an indeterminate amount of shoes and socks, including childrens shoes.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Mike Whitlow with the Fayetteville Police Department at 770-719-4222.

Evil Elvis
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Not too long ago, a story about a smash and grab in Fayette county would have drawn a hundred comments.

William Clinton
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Need more details

Let me guess, they were last seen going north on Hwy 85?

Also, I assume these people were "African American" because there was no description in this article. Plus, who steals baby shoes... second thought, who steals shoes? What thugs...

How about we have a gate on all parking lots in the "thugillion" and when a store closes, so does the gate to the parking lot of that store. Walley World will just have to put a fence around to keep all the crap in their store/parking lot since they're 24Hr.

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more crime

Is this town called Fayetteville or Crimeville?

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