Outgoing commissioners presented with rocking chairs

Outgoing commissioners Eric Maxwell (L) and Jack Smith. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The tradition continued at the last meeting of the 2010 Fayette County Commission when county staff presented outgoing Chairman Jack Smith and Commission Eric Maxwell with working rocking chairs. The chairs are a going-away present symbolizing future relaxation for ex-commissioners. Smith and Maxwell were defeated for reelection in the July Republican Primary by Steve Brown and Allen McCarty. Photo/Ben Nelms.

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Looking Good

Looking Good.

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Maxwell and Smith, Laughing and Scratching

No "water buckets" but they are still laughing and scratching. They insulted the citizens of Fayette County and our taxes were used to purchase their rocking chairs.

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what no water buckets?

for their backside as was suggested to a victom of the bypass?

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Mr. Smith

Looks just fine in that chair, have a nice long political rest.

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