New Year’s stops net 12 arrests, 46 tickets

A Fayette County deputy sheriff checks the license of a motorist New Year’s Eve. Several such checkpoints yielded arrests and contraband. Photo/Ben Nelms.

New Year’s Eve is one of those occasions when people should strongly consider what they are doing on Fayette County’s roadways. Roadchecks and patrols conducted by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office around the county on Dec. 31 resulted in 46 citations, 12 arrests and 17 warnings issued.

Deputies during New Year’s Eve conducted highway safety checkpoints at McDonough Road and Zoie Court and at Ga. Highway 279 and Helmer Road and concentrated enforcement activities in the areas between Ga. Highway 54 West and Ga. Highway 85 South and between Hwy. 54 and Ga. Highway 92 North. And deputies at unassigned locations throughout the county also made several arrests and issued additional citations.

Activities at McDonough Road and Zoie Court resulted in an arrest for driving without a license and citations for seatbelt, window tint and headlight violations and an improper u-turn.

The Hwy. 279 and Helmer Road checkpoint resulted in five arrests, with four coming from possession of marijuana and one for a suspended license. There were also four citations issued for seatbelt violations and two for child restraint violations.

Concentrated enforcement activities between Hwy. 54 West and Hwy. 85 South resulted in two arrests, 10 warnings and 13 traffic citations.

Concentrated enforcement activities between Hwy. 54 West and Hwy. 92 North resulted in one arrest, eight citations and six warnings.

And the countywide patrols made three arrests and issued nine citations and one warning.