F’ville addresses barking dogs Jan. 2

The new year in Fayetteville could go off with a bang at the Thursday night meeting of the City Council. The highly-energized topic of restrictions placed on animal shelters and kennels in industrial areas is back on the agenda — but with a new focus the eliminates the previously proposed restrictions.

The proposed amendment to put more stringent controls on animal shelters and commercial kennels came before the council in late 2012. The council initially considered requiring new and existing animal shelters and kennels to keep a maximum of 16 animals on the premises at one time, to allow a maximum of four animals outside at any time, to have employees on duty when animals are outdoors, to install a 6-foot fence with opaque materials and to have the facility constructed to contain noise, odors and drainage.

The proposed changes for Thursday’s meeting would eliminate those conditions while maintaining that future business applicants for those facilities be approved by special exception.

Noise complaints and adherence to the city’s noise ordinance will remain at in force.

Front and center during the amendment discussions in late 2012 was Courtney’s Canine Care animal shelter on Industrial Way which drew complaints from a nearby subdivision due to what was called excessive noise.

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