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Overtime bonanza: $300k for cops?

CNBC - 11 hours 42 min ago
Some 13 Port Authority cops could end up earning around $300,000 or more each this year, the Bergen Record reported.
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Baby Jesus stolen from nativity scene at Washington state capitol

FOX News - 11 hours 45 min ago
A Washington state man who created a nativity scene to display near the state Capitol in Olympia this week can’t understand why someone stole the baby Jesus figure.
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Christmas baby born on Philadelphia public transit train

CNN - 11 hours 50 min ago
Riders of Philadelphia public transit were reminded on Christmas Day that the holiday celebrates a birth in the humblest of circumstances.
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McDonald's resolves fry shortage

CNBC - 11 hours 53 min ago
Big fries are going back on the menu in Japan.
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Motherlode Blog: Charities That Inspire Kids: St. Baldrick’s

The New York Times - 11 hours 54 min ago
The St. Baldrick’s Foundation inspired two young people to give their passion, and to write in about it.

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Returning presents? Here's how...

CNBC - 12 hours 12 min ago
The National Retail Federation provided four tips for a smooth returning of holiday presents, USA Today reports.
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Ruble slides 4%, ending rally

CNBC - 12 hours 13 min ago
The ruble ended a five-day rally and starting sliding again after a top Russian official said the currency had stabilized.
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Are these the dumbest thieves ever?

CNN - 12 hours 43 min ago
Thieves make off with a rare drone, but they'll only get to fly it once because they forgot its remote and charger.
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Road rage episode caught on camera

CNN - 12 hours 44 min ago
Two women kept a camera rolling during a wild confrontation on a California road. KXTV has more.
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Bride stunned by flash mob wedding

CNN - 12 hours 49 min ago
A woman thought she was doing a favor for a photographer by wearing a wedding dress to the mall, but then this happened.
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Hackers deliver gamers Winter blues

CNBC - 12 hours 59 min ago
Lizard Squad, a hacker group, claimed responsibility for Thursday's connection problems to the PS and XBox networks.
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U.S. Army's biggest battle

CNN - 13 hours 18 min ago
The U.S. Army calls World War II's Battle of the Bulge, a six-week campaign in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium that began on December 16, 1944, "arguably the greatest battle in American military history."
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S&P nears deal on mortgage ratings

CNBC - 13 hours 26 min ago
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services is nearing a settlement with regulators over how the company graded real-estate bonds.
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The week in 22 photos

CNN - 13 hours 27 min ago
CNN presents the week in photos.
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No joy for PlayStation, Xbox users after hack

CNN - 13 hours 45 min ago
Bummer. Sony's PlayStation networks were still down; Xbox is still kind of limited, their service websites said early Friday.
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State with highest minimum wage is...

CNBC - 14 hours 26 min ago
Washington state's minimum wage will rise to the highest in the nation on Jan. 1.
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Rock stars amp up in digital music copyright war

POLITICO - 14 hours 39 min ago
Platforms like Spotify, Pandora have raised the stakes in debate as Congress moves toward a comprehensive look at reform.
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GOP learns lessons from Brownback's tax scare

POLITICO - 14 hours 40 min ago
Republicans once idolized Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback as a tax cutting superstar -- now he's a lesson in what not to do.
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Race and the race

POLITICO - 14 hours 41 min ago
The GOP's 2016 slate may be its most diverse ever, but don't expect the candidates to talk much about it.
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Oregon woman detained in East Timor released from jail

FOX News - 16 hours 17 min ago
An Oregon woman detained for months in East Timor has been released from prison.
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