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Investors keep betting on America

CNBC - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 5:08pm
U.S. outperformance has been the key to stocks, currencies, and commodities in 2014. But can it continue?
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Authorities: 'Person of interest' arrested in suspicious NC condominium fires that left 2 dead

FOX News - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 4:47pm
North Carolina authorities say they've arrested a man suspected of involvement in suspicious fires that killed two people and heavily damaged two large condominium buildings in a seaside community.
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Conjoined twins die day after birth

CNN - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 4:16pm
Conjoined twins born at an Atlanta hospital have died, their parents said, less than two days after they beat the odds simply by coming into the world.
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Masked protesters smash windows in Berkeley

CNN - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 4:16pm
Protests turned violent in Berkeley, California, on Saturday night when some masked demonstrators smashed windows while others hurled rocks at police.
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Iran charges detained Washington Post correspondent

CNN - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 4:15pm
A Washington Post correspondent detained in Iran since July has been officially charged with unspecified crimes, the newspaper reported.
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6 Gitmo detainees to be 'refugees' in Uruguay

CNN - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 4:15pm
The United States has transferred six detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Uruguay.
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Young woman imprisoned for abducting baby from Pittsburgh hospital dies

FOX News - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 4:15pm
A western Pennsylvania woman sent to prison for abducting a newborn from a Pittsburgh hospital has died.
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Negotiators near spending deal

POLITICO - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 4:01pm
The goal is to have the massive measure ready by late Monday.
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Homeowner caught package thieves on cellphone camera, police say

FOX News - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 3:26pm
Two teens got shipped off to jail in a Detroit suburb after a homeowner with a cellphone camera snapped one of them stealing a box a UPS truck had left at a neighbor's door.
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Alaska State Troopers say skier dead after being caught in avalanche

FOX News - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 3:16pm
Alaska State Troopers say a man died after being caught in an avalanche while skiing.
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Video game could change double vision

CNBC - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 3:00pm
Sufferers from lazy or crossed eyes might find unlikely salvation in a new video game.
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Telecoms bet on congressional rookies

POLITICO - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 1:15pm
AT&T, Comcast and Verizon donated to many incoming lawmakers.
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Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

Fayette Woman - Sat, 12/06/2014 - 2:59pm

These Reindeer Cookies are hot on Pinterest right now.  Make them as a surprise or involve your kids in the design.  They are fun treats to make — but get ready to have chocolate all over your fingers!! Get creative and with the use of white almond bark, you can whip up a batch of snowmen.   […]

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Safe Sitter Training at Piedmont Fayette

Fayette Woman - Sat, 12/06/2014 - 11:04am

Piedmont Fayette Hospital is a Registered Safe Sitter® Teaching Site, offering comprehensive babysitting training for young teens (11 and up).   Nationally, over 600,000 graduates have completed the course and are able to stay home alone safely and handle emergencies when caring for younger children. The up-to-date curriculum provides hands-on practice in lifesaving techniques designed to prepare […]

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Piper Hill helps veterans heal with 4-legged friends

Fayette Woman - Thu, 12/04/2014 - 7:58pm

Piper Hill’s parents always knew she would grow up to help her fellow man. When Piper was three years old, her mother and father, Angie and Victor Hill, took her and her sister Blair on a family vacation to Mexico. During the trip, little Piper saw some children without shoes who were asking for money, […]

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Sallie Satterthwaite is a Peachtree City legend

Fayette Woman - Thu, 12/04/2014 - 7:26pm

Those who were here in the early days of Peachtree City’s growth know that Sallie Satterthwaite is a local legend. Satterthwaite Fire Station #84 on Crabapple Lane was named in her honor, and fire personnel who know her history stand up and salute her when she walks into the room. Sallie was born in Harrisburg, […]

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Beware of Fake Package Notices as Holidays Approach

Fayette Woman - Thu, 12/04/2014 - 6:48pm

As the holidays approach, it’s a common tactic for phishing scammers to send emails claiming to be an alert about an undelivered package. In a slightly different variation of this scam, an email may allege to provide order details regarding a package delivery or an invoice file. By clicking on the provided link or downloading the “invoice,” […]

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How to Treat a Family Member with Dementia This Holiday Season

Fayette Woman - Thu, 12/04/2014 - 6:08pm

Whether it’s Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa – or your spouse – the “holiday quarter” can present special challenges for families with a loved one suffering from dementia.  “We have an expectation that loved ones should never change from the person we’ve perceived them to be for years, but everyone changes significantly over an extended […]

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Protect Yourself from Gift Card Fraud

Fayette Woman - Thu, 12/04/2014 - 5:38pm

As one of the easiest universal gifts, gift cards are always a popular choice for gift givers during the holiday season. While a gift card allows the freedom to let the recipient choose what they want, it also creates a bigger opportunity for fraudsters to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Although often overlooked, gift card […]

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