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Alligator found in box with 2 dead cats in Los Angeles backyard

FOX News - Thu, 01/15/2015 - 3:00am
An 8-foot alligator that was found in a box with two cat carcasses in a suburban Los Angeles backyard might have been living at the home for as long as 40 years, animal officials said Wednesday.
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Son accused of killing hedge fund founder dad stands to inherit part of $1.6M estate

FOX News - Thu, 01/15/2015 - 3:00am
The man accused of killing his millionaire father in the older man's Manhattan apartment earlier this month stands to collect an inheritance, according to the hedge fund founder's will.
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Incomes and Outcomes: Trying to Solve the Great Wage Slowdown

The New York Times - Thu, 01/15/2015 - 2:00am
An international commission, describing income stagnation as a defining challenge, offers proposals meant to influence the political debate.

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Defense Contractor Scheduled to Change Plea in Navy Bribery Case

The New York Times - Thu, 01/15/2015 - 12:29am
Leonard Glenn Francis is set to appear at a change-of-plea hearing on Thursday in federal court in San Diego. He previously pleaded not guilty to conspiracy in the case.

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The New Health Care: Signs of a Decline in Financial Distress Connected to Medical Bills

The New York Times - Thu, 01/15/2015 - 12:01am
A major goal of the Affordable Care Act was to improve the financial security of previously uninsured people. A new survey suggests this is happening.

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6 injured after car smashes through California Macy's

FOX News - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 11:43pm
A car plowed through the front of a California Macy's store leaving six people injured, one of them critically, Wednesday night.
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U.S. Moves Five Yemenis From Guantánamo

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 11:16pm
The transfers came one day after several Republican senators proposed legislation that would place a moratorium on the release of most of the prisoners held at Guantánamo.

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APNewsBreak: Probe finds NYC jails hired guards with arrest histories, gang ties

FOX News - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 11:08pm
One applicant to be a New York City correction officer had been fired from his last job as a security guard for stealing.
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Under New Agreement, U.S. Will End Oversight of the Teamsters in Five Years

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 11:03pm
The federal government and the Teamsters union have agreed to replace a consent decree that has governed union affairs for more than a quarter-century with a settlement that would phase out court supervision of its activities, prosecutors said.

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Iran Charges, and Will Try, Jason Rezaian, Washington Post Reporter

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 10:51pm
Iran’s official news agency said that Mr. Rezaian would be tried in a Revolutionary Court, although it did not specify the charges against him.

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Phil Africa, of Black-Liberation Group Move, Long in Prison, Dies at 59

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 10:50pm
Mr. Africa, who was serving a 30- to 100-year sentence for killing a police officer, was in prison at the time of Move’s best-known episode, a 1985 siege that ended when the state police dropped a bomb, touching off the worst fire in Philadelphia’s history.

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Republican Convention Set Earlier Next Year

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 10:49pm
The party’s presidential nominating convention in Cleveland will be held a month or more earlier than usual, giving the nominee more time to use general election money.

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Murdoch: Romney 'a terrible candidate'

POLITICO - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 10:44pm
"I like Jeb Bush very much," he tells Judith Miller.
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Uber and out? Trying times for the app

CNBC - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 9:52pm
As Uber struggles to recover from a string of scandals, experts say there are a few strategies the firm can employ to ensure its app remains popular.
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Obama to expand paid sick leave

POLITICO - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 9:34pm
Federal employees would have at least six weeks of paid leave for the birth of a child.
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Immigration endgame not in House's favor

POLITICO - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 9:26pm
Many Republicans fear the Senate will come back with a "clean" funding bill, with no immigration language attached.
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National Briefing | New England: Massachusetts: Request to Delay Bombing Trial Is Refused

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 9:15pm
A federal judge in Boston on Wednesday refused to delay the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the defendant in the Boston Marathon bombings.

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Obamacare's little secret

POLITICO - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 9:12pm
Meet the most important person you don't know.
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National Briefing | South: Florida: Man Gets 20-Year Sentence for Trying to Aid Terrorists

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 9:11pm
A 21-year-old man accused of conspiring to aid Al Qaeda and traveling to the Middle East to join terrorist groups was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in prison, the United States Attorney’s Office in Jacksonville said.

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Obama Plans to Push Paid Family and Sick Leave for Workers

The New York Times - Wed, 01/14/2015 - 9:07pm
President Obama plans to urge Congress to pass a bill allowing workers to earn up to seven paid sick days a year and creating a fund to help states pay for family leave.

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