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Obama condemns Foley killing

POLITICO - 10 hours 45 min ago
Foley "stands in stark contrast" to his killers and to ISIL, Obama says.
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Barrier could grow for hedge fund entry

CNBC - 10 hours 48 min ago
A lot more money might be required to invest in private funds given new rules under consideration at the SEC.
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4 stocks ready to break out: Pros

CNBC - 10 hours 50 min ago
Four stock plays the "Fast Money" traders are watching could be on the verge of a serious move higher.
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What's it really like in Ferguson?

CNN - 11 hours 41 sec ago
A grand jury will begin hearing evidence in the shooting death of Michael Brown, as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived for a visit to Ferguson, Missouri. But what is it like on the streets? CNN's Eliott McLaughlin gives us an on-the-scene take.
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Buffett's Berkshire pays for second error

CNBC - 11 hours 2 min ago
Berkshire Hathaway is paying almost $1 million to the government for failing to make disclosures required by antitrust law again.
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Infineon to buy chipmaker IRF for $3B

CNBC - 11 hours 14 min ago
Infineon announced that it will acquire U.S.-based semiconductor company International Rectifier for $3 billion cash.
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SeaWorld drops appeal of OSHA violations from trainer's death

FOX News - 11 hours 18 min ago
SeaWorld Entertainment has dropped an appeal of citations it received after the drowning of a trainer who was pulled under by a killer whale.
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Pennsylvania high court rules mandatory $75,000 casino theft fine unconstitutional

FOX News - 11 hours 18 min ago
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional a mandatory $75,000 fine imposed on a Pittsburgh casino poker dealer convicted of having stolen $200 worth of chips.
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How Snapchat news and ads could work

CNBC - 11 hours 22 min ago
Snapchat is expected to introduce news and advertisements to its feeds.
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Ryan's new view on charitable donations

CNBC - 11 hours 23 min ago
House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan now says charitable deductions should be protected, and there should be no cap on deductions.
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US airstrikes in Iraq continue as Obama considers how to protect hostage after revenge killing

FOX News - 11 hours 27 min ago
In a horrifying act of revenge for U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq, militants with the Islamic State extremist group have beheaded American journalist James Foley — and are threatening to kill another hostage, U.S. officials say.
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Movie theater infested with THIS?

CNN - 11 hours 37 min ago
Moviegoers are complaining about getting bites and rashes after attending this theater ... and it's not the first time.
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BoE: Ranks finally broken on rates

CNBC - 11 hours 49 min ago
Two members of the Bank of England’s interest rate-setting committee voted to raise interest rates in August, as pressure builds to raise rates.
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316 S&P stocks expected to beat Apple

CNBC - 11 hours 50 min ago
There are 316 stocks in the S&P 500 where the future expected gains are higher than that for Apple, USA Today reports.
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Would you watch beheading video?

CNN - 11 hours 55 min ago
When confronted by gruesome images of a man being beheaded by terrorists, what should you do?
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Who's in charge in Ferguson?

CNN - 11 hours 56 min ago
As tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, have bubbled, one official after another has taken the lead, grappling to figure out how to stop it from coming to a boil.
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Acts of kindness, generosity

CNN - 11 hours 57 min ago
Day after day, most of the images and stories from Ferguson, Missouri, have been depressing. The quiet Midwest suburb appears to have devolved into a place where armored vehicles patrol streets, people can't stop fighting, arrests are commonplace and tear gas pollutes the air.
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Investors have no fear about volatility

CNBC - 12 hours 3 min ago
Forget the headlines and the charts: Despite the loopy market behavior recently, investors are downright apathetic.
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IRS botching Obamacare tax collection

CNBC - 12 hours 4 min ago
Auditors say the IRS's flawed collecting process is bringing only three-quarters or so of the revenue originally expected.
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U.S. official: More airstrikes in Iraq

POLITICO - 12 hours 4 min ago
Drones conducted nearly a dozen airstrikes in Iraq since Tuesday.
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