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Anti-Semitic leaflets denounced

POLITICO - 5 hours 18 min ago
Kislyak suggests that pro-Kiev -- not pro-Russian -- forces were behind the distribution of pamphlets.
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General Mills reverses itself on customers' right to sue

CNBC - 5 hours 30 min ago
General Mills on Saturday night announced in a stunning about-face that it was withdrawing its controversial plans to make consumers give up their right to sue.
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Ukrainian PM previews Biden visit

POLITICO - 5 hours 37 min ago
Yatsenyuk says his government is asking the Obama administration for economic and military support.
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Pope prays for Ukraine

POLITICO - 7 hours 5 min ago
More than 150,000 tourists turn out for the Mass at St. Peter's Basilica.
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Obama's Asia pivot: A work in progress

POLITICO - 7 hours 35 min ago
After years of talk about a strategic "rebalance," the White House still faces a wall of skepticism.
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Is Colorado pot tourism a myth?

CNBC - 8 hours 37 min ago
Colorado’s legal pot law, so far, has not sparked a surge of out-of-state weed lovers, say hoteliers and restaurateurs.
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Ukraine accuses Russia of staging fatal attack

CNBC - 9 hours 5 min ago
At least two people were killed in a gunfight early on Sunday near a Ukrainian city controlled by pro-Russian separatists.
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APNewsBreak: Land grabs in 1 of Africa's last elephant bastions puts herds in poachers' sights

FOX News - 10 hours 4 min ago
A nonprofit research group says political and military elites are seizing protected areas in one of Africa's last bastions for elephants — and that's putting lots of land at risk for ivory poaching operations.
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Teen suspended for asking Miss America to prom

FOX News - 11 hours 36 min ago
A Pennsylvania high school student is in hot water for asking Miss America to prom during a question and answer session at school.
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Rocky landslide slowly devours part of Wyoming resort town

FOX News - 12 hours 11 min ago
What's happening in this Wyoming resort town might be better described as a land creep than a landslide, but the lack of speed has not hindered the sheer power of the moving earth.
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China crackdown threatens global cognac industry

CNBC - 13 hours 7 min ago
China's anti-extravagance drive is posing a serious threat to the global cognac industry.
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What is Alibaba really worth?

CNBC - 13 hours 10 min ago
Soon investors will have an answer to key questions about Alibaba: what is it worth and how are those numbers calculated?
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The highs and lows of legal pot

POLITICO - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 10:31pm
Colorado's legal marijuana industry is growing, but some of the business owners face challenges.
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Hate crime arrest in NY attack on Sikh professor

FOX News - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 9:38pm
A man accused of pulling the beard of a Sikh professor before a group of young men who had called the professor "Osama" and a "terrorist" attacked him, has been arrested and charged with a hate crime, police said Saturday.
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Sending Alerts Instead, G.M. Delayed Car Recalls

The New York Times - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 9:05pm
A Times analysis shows that General Motors repeatedly used technical service bulletins as a stopgap safety measure instead of ordering timely recalls.

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Man police say pulled beard of Sikh professor in New York City attack charged with hate crime

FOX News - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 8:52pm
A man police say pulled the beard of a Sikh professor last year in New York City has been charged with a hate crime.
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Man detained for making threats, forcing lockdown of Los Angeles Times building

FOX News - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 8:31pm
Police say a man who allegedly made threatening statements, forcing the lockdown of the Los Angeles Times building, is being held for a mental health evaluation.
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Western official: US considering deploying Army company to Poland and Estonia for exercises

FOX News - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 7:19pm
A Western official says the United States is considering deploying about 150 soldiers for military exercises to begin in Poland and Estonia in the next few weeks.
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What's on the menu? From ribs to cupcakes, mayor spends day eating at town's 24 restaurants

FOX News - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 6:37pm
The mayor of a small town in the Philadelphia suburbs can offer a guarantee to his constituents: He won't be going to bed hungry.
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Investigation signals change in China

CNBC - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 6:19pm
Chinese president Xi Jinping has targeted Zhou Yongkang in an extraordinary corruption inquiry.
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