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Don't Blame the Frats

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 8:21pm
We've seen moral panics before. They don't end well.
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How the Torture Could Start Again

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 8:21pm
The Feinstein report opens the door to future presidential waterboarders by blaming only the CIA.
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McClatchy-Marist poll shows Romney, Jeb Bush leading GOP pack

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 8:18pm
The McClatchy-Marist poll shows Romney has the support from about 19 percent of Republican voters.
Categories: US News

Uber answers Franken, takes aim at privacy questions

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 7:38pm
The ride-sharing company reaffirms its commitment to privacy.
Categories: US News

Carolina on Jeb's mind

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 7:27pm
South Carolina may be a firewall for the former Florida governor in 2016.
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The world according to Garth

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 7:26pm
Remembering the pioneer of the modern political ad.
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Murthy confirmed as surgeon general

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 6:28pm
Democrats confirmed him, 51-43.
Categories: US News

Clinton, Bloomberg promote data project

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 2:57pm
The project aims to improve the tracking of data about women and girls around the globe.
Categories: US News

Tennessee tees up Medicaid expansion battle

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 1:34pm
Tennessee is the latest conservative state to pursue Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. It just doesn't want to call it that.
Categories: US News

President will sign Russia sanctions bill

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 1:10pm
The bill authorizes $10 million to counter Russian propaganda.
Categories: US News

Reid plays hardball in lame duck

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 12:34pm
The Senate already worked one Saturday this month, so why not another?
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MSNBC launches online programming

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 11:12am
The network launches 15 digital shows online.
Categories: US News

Poll: Almost half say torture sometimes needed

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 8:34am
Fourty-nine percent of respondents say torture tactics are sometimes justified, accroding to a new poll.
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Top staffers at RGA, DGA form consulting firm

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 5:37am
Former competitors band together to create 50-State LLC.
Categories: US News

Will cheap oil kill Keystone?

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 5:35am
The global collapse of oil prices risks undermining the case for building the 1,179-mile pipeline.
Categories: US News

Treasury fight escalates

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 5:34am
Liberal opposition to Obama's choice of investment banker Antonio Weiss as treasury undersecretary has hardened.
Categories: US News

David Koch: 'A social liberal'

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 10:06pm
The billionaire activist sits down for a rare interview with Barbara Walters.
Categories: US News

The CIA book I wish I'd written

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 9:06pm
I suspected the worst, but the agency wouldn't let me tell the whole story.
Categories: US News

The New Indian Lobby

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 8:58pm
Are Indian Americans primed to become the next political kingmakers?
Categories: US News

Obama's big Clinton moment

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 8:00pm
Shunning the left, he revives the politics of the '90s.
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