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Top Business Stories from the U.S.
Updated: 16 hours 22 min ago

Uber accused of canceling rival's rides

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 12:33pm
Ride-sharing service Lyft accused rival Uber of employing dirty tricks to get ahead.
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Home sales, prices cool as summer lingers

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 12:27pm
More listings but fewer sales are adding up to weaker home price gains this summer.
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Icahn sees 'major asset bubble'

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 12:26pm
Carl Icahn said inept CEOs and aggressive central bank policies are creating treacherous times for investors.
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Workers prefer 401(k) perks over high pay

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 12:15pm
Four out of 10 workers say they would take a lower salary if they were offered a bigger employer contribution to their 401(k) retirement plan, USAT.
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Revel to close after failing to find a buyer

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 12:09pm
Atlantic City's Revel Casino Hotel says it will shut down in September after failing to find a buyer in bankruptcy court.
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Job openings hit 13-year-plus high

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 12:06pm
U.S. employers in June advertised the most monthly job openings in more than 13 years.
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Will Vimeo enrich the YouTube star?

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 11:47am
YouTube stars can draw millions of followers, but now a rival is looking to steal some of its marquee names—and draw more viewers.
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Ukraine says may block Russian aid convoy

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 11:29am
Russian said a humanitarian convoy which is heading to eastern Ukraine from Russia would cross the border only under the aegis of the Red Cross.
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A look at the first IBM computer

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 11:25am
On Aug. 12, 1981, IBM released its first personal computer.
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An American wants to save Egypt's bread

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 11:23am
"Egypt is the largest importer of wheat in the world, but they have to buy it on the spot market," says Philip Blumberg.
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Marissa Mayer was right about WFH!

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 11:08am
Well, there you have it—evidence straight from the government that Marissa Mayer was right about telecommuting!, says Jake Novak.
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The theory that scares the Fed

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 11:04am
Will America ever get back on its feet? Some Fed officials are beginning to wonder.
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10 lessons from Kickstarter's greatest

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 11:00am
The 10 biggest Kickstarter projects provide some important lessons for entrepreneurs seeking crowdfunding success.
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Burger King brings back fan favorite

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 10:55am
Bowing to social media pressure, the fast-food giant has brought back Chicken Fries. USA Today reports.
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11 companies spending to make money

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 10:53am
The companies increasing spending on upgrading equipment and facilities are actually investors’ favorites, USA Today reports.
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S&P: Gradual shift to 'expansion phase'

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 10:46am
S&P said that the risk of economic imbalances has "ebbed" as the U.S. economy concludes its deleveraging cycle.
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Law students sue when software fails

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 10:43am
Third-year law students with mountains of debt were perhaps not the best crowd to tick off.
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Never wait for the restaurant check again

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 10:11am
Hate waiting to pay the restaurant check? A slew of businesses is here to help.
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Trivago cashing in with 'creepy' TV ads

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 9:54am
A metasearch travel website is expanding its audience with an offbeat ad campaign, Skift reports.
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Pimco Total Return cut US debt to 45%

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 9:52am
Bill Gross of Pacific Investment Management, slightly reduced his holdings of U.S. Treasuries and government-related debt in July.
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