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The booming business behind Burning Man

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 9:52am
Burning Man is no longer a niche event, and a growing number of businesses are booming because of it.
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Dynegy to buy Duke Energy assets

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 9:41am
Dynegy said it intends to issue about $5 billion in new bonds and $1.25 billion in equity and equity-linked securities.
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Fed hike or 'Putin put'?

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 9:20am
Analysts are weighing up the many factors that have been causing the commodity gold to trade in a tight range in recent months.
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The world's worst cities for travel

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 9:00am
From pollution and congestion to crime, a list of the world's worst cities for travel and why they might stay that way.
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Quick hacks for a better credit score

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 8:47am
A bad credit score can cost you thousands of dollars extra in interest, but there are ways to improve it—fast.
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‘Hindenburg Omen’ creator dies at 54

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 8:35am
Jim Miekka did not have a financial degree or Wall Street pedigree, but the blind mathematician created the well-known indicator.
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New app forces you to call mom, or else

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 8:15am
Sharon Standifird's $1.99 "Ignore No More" app can restrict a cell phone so that teenagers can only call 911 or home.
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North Dakota's latest fracking problem

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 8:00am
As regulators crack down on natural gas flaring in North Dakota, energy companies are scrambling to meet the rules.
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Jell-O can't stop slippery sales slide

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 7:28am
Jell-O has lost its jiggle and nobody knows how to fix it.
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This tech company has the best culture

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 7:04am
Which tech firm actually has the best culture according to its employees? The answer might surprise you.
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Shorts bet on back-to-school weakness

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 7:00am
Short sellers are upping their bets on retailers closely tied to the back-to-school season—despite positive forecasts.
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5 easy ways to boost your nest egg

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 7:00am
The Golden Years outlook is grim: One third of consumers aren't saving for retirement, and of the rest, most aren't saving enough.
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Citi faces curbs on hedge fund sales

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 6:24am
Citigroup says it cannot sell investments in hedge funds and private-equity funds to clients after a deal with the SEC, according to the WSJ.
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Iraq involvement not over: Hagel

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 6:14am
U.S. military involvement in Iraq will continue, said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. NBCNews reports.
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Russian aid trucks pass Ukraine border post

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 6:10am
About 90 trucks from a Russian aid convoy have crossed the Russia-Ukraine border, a Ukraine government source told Reuters.
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American Air charging for solo kid fliers

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 5:58am
American Airlines says it will charge a $150 fee each way for minors between 12 and 14 who fly alone.
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There's an iPhone 6 screen snag

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 5:51am
Apple suppliers are scrambling to get enough screens ready for the new iPhone 6 smartphone ahead of next month's expected launch.
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Citi's Buiter defends 'Helicopter Ben'

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 3:21am
Quantitative easing by central banks under the right conditions will always have a positive outcome for household demand, according to the chief economist at Citi.
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US aid workers leave Atlanta hospital

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 1:17am
Dr. Kent Brantly's release came two days after a second U.S. missionary, Nancy Writebol, was quietly allowed to leave Emory University Hospital.
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The world’s most innovative city?

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 1:16am
Tokyo is a spellbinding city. Here, we take a look at eight companies from the city that have shaped the world we live in.
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